Visitors told to leave the Eurobodalla now or be ready with a fire survival plan

Genevieve Jacobs 30 December 2019
Eurobodalla Fire Control Centre

Eurobodalla fire resources are being readied for severe conditions over the next two days. Photo: Alex Rea

Summer tourists in popular South Coast visitor destinations have been told in no uncertain terms to leave the Eurobodalla now if they are planning to go as fire risks heighten over the next two days.

The warning extends to people in South Durras, Batemans Bay, Broulee, Moruya, Tuross Head, Narooma and Tilba, all popular destinations for Canberrans and regional visitors who may also have holiday homes in the area.

NSW Rural Fire Services warned today that there is significant potential for fires on the Far South Coast to impact people’s travel plans tomorrow and over coming days in all those areas as they brace for significant adverse weather conditions.

They say that visitors who choose to remain may not be able to leave until fire-impacted areas can be made safe. If you need to leave, leaving now is the safest option. All travel plans should be reconsidered in light of the risk.

Similar warnings for the Shoalhaven were issued two days ago when emergency operations controller Ray Stynes and incident controller Superintendent Mark Williams asked visitors to stay away if possible due to intense pressure on local resources.

Access to the coast from Canberra has been cut for weeks as the Kings Highway remains shut from Braidwood as fires rage across the Clyde. Visitors have been forced to travel over Brown Mountain to Bega or down the coast via Kangaroo Valley. But as the Currowan fire edges north towards the Southern Highlands, those routes are also coming under threat.

Crews are currently attempting to control the north and northeastern fronts of the Currowan fire but the RFS says there is “every likelihood” that the fire could cross the Shoalhaven River. In a worst-case scenario, it could reach the village of Kangaroo Valley, although not immediately.

The RFS says that anyone who intends to stay on the South Coast should have a bushfire survival plan ready to enact. Visitors should not enter bushland areas.

Check Live Traffic and Fires Near Me prior to departure, and regularly during your journey. Drive with your car headlights on at all times so you can be seen, and travel with extra food and water.

Stay up to date with the latest RFS information via Fires Near Me, call 1800 679 737 or listen to ABC Southeast radio or 2EC/PowerFM.

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24 Responses to Visitors told to leave the Eurobodalla now or be ready with a fire survival plan

Catherine Mills 1:24 pm 03 Jan 20

Many seem to be of the mistaken belief that Victorians were aware of the fire risks on the coast prior to arriving. I had not received any notification until New Year’s Eve by which time it was too late to leave. We left as soon as it was possible for us as did the majority in our camping ground. We travel every year to holiday on the South coast of NSW and have always been welcomed by the locals. It is disappointing to read such illinformed, disparaging comments.

Stephanie Klempfner 12:17 pm 02 Jan 20

HELP REQUESTED: If anyone is in the Central Tilba area, I am concerned about my brother and his wife. Neil and Danuta Graham, on a bushland property off the Punkalla Tilba Road, about a kilometer along the road, just before it turns sharp right. If someone could try to encourage them to leave if it is not too late I would be very grateful.

Paul Edwards 4:03 pm 31 Dec 19

As a visitor to Australia I can’t understand how your politicians have allowed this to get to this catastrophic stage. You are relying on volunteers to control a no-win situation. This is a national emergency and should be treated as such with a national response using all your resources and your armed services personnel. Save your fireworks celebrations for the day when this is all over and use it to congratulate everyone’s efforts – not to entertain tourists. We will understand.

Brian Curzon Brian Curzon 10:35 am 31 Dec 19


The Monaro needs its ABC 1602AM Cooma needs to be increased from its 400 watts output to its 1000 watts NOW

Broadcast Australia owns the ABC towers

This would allow us hear ABC SE from 20 km to 60 km

Don’t let them it can’t be done

there. Australia Broadcast staff in Canberra

Also it will not interfere with other AM channels the closest ABC 1602 AM is in western Victoria transmitting at 50 watts

Pauline Lovitt Pauline Lovitt 12:30 am 31 Dec 19

Australia’s she’ll be right mate mentality is a serious issue in times like this.

    Mareta van der Merwe Mareta van der Merwe 4:20 am 03 Jan 20

    Pauline Lovitt it breaks my heart, but I agree with you. This is far greater than what mankind can deal with. It is time to turn to God and seek Him in all earnesty.

Lyndell Allen Lyndell Allen 7:57 pm 30 Dec 19

We tried but could t get past Bodalla

Sandra Doyle Sandra Doyle 7:56 pm 30 Dec 19

They still came. Can you believe it. DALMENY Caravan park is full. What part of don’t come do they not understand

    Melissa Collins Melissa Collins 10:15 pm 30 Dec 19

    Sandra Doyle Exactly what I’ve been saying. Why is it so hard to listen to the advice of the experts?

    Christine Sheather Christine Sheather 10:25 pm 30 Dec 19

    Why come, so much smoke.

    Melissa Collins Melissa Collins 12:41 am 31 Dec 19

    Christine Sheather I’ve seen a comment in response to a RFS warning for visitors to leave that ‘the caravan park owner had told them they’d be okay’ so they were staying. 🙄

Nikki Ray Nikki Ray 7:51 pm 30 Dec 19

Elise-Senior Joe-Wisniewski Hopefully you guys aren’t affected but please be safe x

    Elise-Senior Joe-Wisniewski Elise-Senior Joe-Wisniewski 7:56 pm 30 Dec 19

    Nikki Ray no not yet , it is getting a bit scary tho 😳 we have a plan xx

Caity Burt Caity Burt 7:34 pm 30 Dec 19

Philip Burt May not be visiting for your birthday!

Jan Whyte Jan Whyte 7:07 pm 30 Dec 19

They are stuck in pambula ans merimbula now.

Deb Willcox Forepe Deb Willcox Forepe 5:49 pm 30 Dec 19

Aidan Willcox-Goodisson maybe you should come home

    Donna Willcox-Litovkin Donna Willcox-Litovkin 1:51 pm 31 Dec 19

    Deb Willcox Forepe yes....Kaye David and Nick got through as the roads were going to close.

Ancret Shipton Ancret Shipton 5:03 pm 30 Dec 19

Should extend right down the coast given the fire activity that has flared up in the Bega Valley today.

Renee Rosin Renee Rosin 4:43 pm 30 Dec 19

Heidi Rosin shoalhaven warnings near the river. Hope you guys are safe over the coming days xx