About Edwina Mason

Edwina Mason has worked as a journalist and editor in regional and metropolitan media for over 30 years. Her loop of NSW regional newspapers includes Young, Griffith, Armidale, Singleton, Camden and Queanbeyan before she joined Eric Beecher's Text Media Group. There she transitioned from print to online journalism firstly in content strategy, then as an editor at News Ltd and over to ninemsn where she was head of News, Current Affairs, Technology and the network home page.

A couple of years living in Toronto, Canada found her learning the art of documentary filmmaking in the Mississipi Delta before she returned home to the family farm to live. A year of planting trees later she joined the Young Witness as its managing editor. Then it was over to learn the political ropes under Member for Cootamundra Katrina Hodgkinson before she became Senior Electorate Officer for Katrina's successor Steph Cooke.

Home is the family farm at Thuddungra where she's laid her hat, surrounded by too many four-legged critters for her brother's liking. Now breeding quarter horses with her partner, she feeds, rides and pats cutting horses morning and evening around her About Regional work.

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Take a walk on the wild side west of the Snowies next month
If you're feeling at a loose end during the second weekend of February, there's a bushel of reasons to head to the western foothills of the Snowy Mountains - and the first thing to pack is walking shoes. For this is the weekend the iconic Tumbatrek takes place. Tumbatrek is a bushwalk through the spectacular high country organised by Snowy...
The life-changing highs and lows of living on a farm
Health & Wellbeing
Riverina farmer Julie Andreazza’s resilience and ability to overcome the challenges life has thrown her way were on show for the world to see when she won the 2018 NSW Farmer of the Year Award. It was a high point in Julie’s life, and recognition for years of hard work on and off the farm. What most people wouldn’t have...
Bushies turn to burpees and bikes to forge connections
A bunch of farmers jumping off their headers and hurling themselves onto pushbikes is proof enough that the Active Farmers program - with its roots in the NSW Riverina - is still kicking mental health goals in the rural sector. Bushies roaming around town in muddy utes laden with bags of dog food, drums of chemicals, old tyres and flash...
A toot tootin’ big upgrade for a mini Riverina attraction
The big train operators have rolled into Yanco to help the little train operators get back on track. In a warm-hearted demonstration of community spirit, workers on the $60 million Junee to Griffith track upgrade recently donated their time and resources to help upgrade the Yanco Miniature Railway. It’s been a long time since the wheels have done a round...
Controversial construction reveals remnants of a riotous time in Young
As a spot already mired in controversy, it’s hardly come as a surprise to the people of Young the site of the town’s new community library is now an archaeological dig. Most expected an underground tunnel, but an old rubbish pit and an intact bottle signalled a stop work on construction just as it began in March 2021 along the...
Seeds in space a tale of tribute for Bribbaree students
What do the International Space Station and the students of Bribbaree Public School have in common? Bribbaree is a tiny village of 141 people situated an hour west of Young in the NSW South West Slopes. It’s heaving with 104 years of history and, despite an abating population, it’s still hanging in there thanks to a pub, a bowling club,...
Mental health initiatives helping rural and regional communities
Health & Wellbeing
Floodlights are beaming into rural and regional NSW, lighting the way to better support for those with mental health conditions - starting with the addition of two new safe havens in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District. A recent announcement from NSW Mental Health Minister Bronnie Taylor has been a coup for the communities surrounding Wagga Wagga and Griffith; they are...
BEST OF 2021: The perils of admitting URnotOK in a world where notOK is still frowned upon
Year in Review: Region Media is revisiting some of the best Opinion articles of 2021. Here’s what got you talking, got you angry and got you thinking in 2021. Today, Edwina Mason shares some very personal thoughts. Most of the time, admitting that URnotOK is literally putting your head on the chopping block. People will judge you forever, steer away...
January decision for council top jobs in South West Slopes LGAs
A new chapter for the shires of the South West Slopes as a swathe of new councillors – and a few not so new - find their seats at the table of local council chambers. The Hilltops community will know who occupies the big seats on 5 January with their first order of business the election of mayor and deputy...
Tumut seedling grows to take pride of place in Government House
A Christmas tree that started life in a Tumut nursery proudly sits in Government House in Sydney where it takes pride of place in the building’s iconic foyer. In the spirit of Christmas, the five-metre-tall Christmas tree – a radiata pine sourced from Penrose State Forest in the Southern Highlands and grown by Forestry Corporation of NSW– was donated to...
Two fatalities in separate Riverina road incidents
A motorcyclist and a woman have died in two separate incidents on Riverina roads amid a slew of crashes that had emergency services crews scrambling for most of the weekend. An emergency operation continued throughout Saturday on Alpine Way in the western foothills of the Snowy Mountains, following the first fatal crash on Saturday morning. Emergency services were called to...
Gundagai’s link to powerful new behind-the-scenes farm podcast
If you’re tootling around the countryside east of the Divide this Christmas do yourselves, and your kids, a favour and download this podcast series. Hosted by a Gundagai local, the new podcast is sure to keep you both entertained and informed. Just in time for holiday listening, the podcast Australian Farmers - Telling Our Story, offers a behind-the-scenes peek at what...
Trio of sculptures a royally Danish gift to the Snowies
Arts & Culture
A remarkable collaboration with links to Danish royalty has sprung from the ashes of the 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfires, which is set to link small towns in the western foothills of the Snowy Mountains forever. It was in the Tumbarumba Goldfields Park and Creekscape on Friday, 10 December, where a unique crowd gathered in cool, damp conditions to witness the...
Bill the Bastard statue honours a great war horse and a community’s tenacity
Stubbornness, tenacity and courage are words used to describe the temperament of one of Australia’s greatest warhorses, but they also absolutely characterise the endeavours of a small Hilltops community in honouring that horse. Years were spent laboriously campaigning, fundraising and beseeching individuals, organisations, businesses, philanthropists and politicians to chip in for the $790,000 project that, in coming weeks, will be...
Muttama church to undergo million-dollar restoration for the sake of culture
It was gold that lured people to Muttama back in 1882, but a new venture will give the old village a glimmer that likely hasn't caught anyone's eye for 139 years. For the 131 locals - give or take - the conversion of a century-old church into a multi-purpose cultural tourism space is set to stamp Muttama's name indelibly on...
Southern NSW farmers bogged down in bumper harvest
Farmers in the NSW South West Slopes are finding themselves knee deep in mud surrounded by a full armoury of chains and 500-plus horsepower heavy machinery as they heave their way through the first weeks of the 2021 harvest. The year of good rain that produced lavish crops overshot the rain gauge too late in a mild spring to allow...