About Sally Hopman

Long time Canberra journalist Sally Hopman will be familiar to readers from her years at The Canberra Times, where she wrote extensively about Canberra and the Capital Region before joining the National Library.

She began her career as a cadet journalist in Nowra and claims to have worked on some of the best and worst newspapers in the country - and learned rather a lot in the process.

When not writing, Sally collects snowdomes, take photographs of trees (mostly the same one), lives and breathes life on a Yass Valley sheep farm, volunteers at Vinnies and rounds up Beswick china animals and real rescue dogs – not necessarily in that order.

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Peter had a little lamb – ewe should read all about it
It looked to be only slightly bigger than a large ball of wool. A half-frozen lump left in the paddock by its mother after she gave birth to triplets. Peter Graham of Yass, who was in the process of moving down to his new property at Stockdale, Victoria, saw the ewe give birth. Sheep, perhaps in retaliation for the fact the majority...
Wee Jasper prays for future of community-built church
Wee Jasper's Our Lady of the Rosary Church which was built by the community for the community 65 years ago, will be deconsecrated on 7 August. Although the church has been closed since the start of the pandemic and rumours about its future were rife before then, the confirmation of its closure and possible sale has disappointed locals who claim...
Vale Barry Hickson: a life well travelled
Not everyone would be thrilled to be known as a 'legend of the vintage machinery movement', but then not everyone was like Barry Hickson. He was a man of many passions, according to those who knew him. A devoted partner, father of two daughters, businessman and lover of everything that moved and/or blew smoke –from tractors to racing cars. And,...
Facing the firestorm – and living to tell the story
Matt Dutkiewicz is the sort of bloke you always want by your side. By day, a public servant. By every other waking moment – and if he could make time in between - he lives and breathes being a volunteer bushfire fighter with the Rivers brigade. Matt has been through what many of us only have nightmares about. His family...
If I tell you my collecting secret, will you tell me yours?
There's a self-help group for just about everyone these days: the folk who like chocolate crackles, bevvies and betting on things that move fast (or, mostly, not fast enough) a little too much. If you think too much about your navel/reality TV/other people, there's sure to be a self-help group for you. But what about us poor collectors? We need...
If you don’t know how to behave at clearing sales, clear orf
There's an art to clearing sales. Not the sort of paintings you pick up for no money at the end of the day - you know the garish ones with scary clowns or demonic kittens in them. But something with real skill behind it.  If you don't look, speak or wear the part, you probably should, well, clear orf. So what...
She writes just like a (crazy) woman, but she bakes (sometimes) like a little girl
Long time journalist Sally Hopman is the latest recruit to the Region Media / About Regional team. She'll be familiar to readers from her years at The Canberra Times where she wrote extensively about Canberra and the Capital Region before joining the National Library. A Yass Valley resident, she'll focus on stories about our regional community with all its wonders, quirks and...
The tragic faraway tree weathered all storms bar one
Sometimes, particularly if you’re a tree, you have to take a stand. Usually quite tall and always willing to branch out. The best of such trees stood on top of a hill that I drove by every time I left the house. It was so handsome it could have grown in any field it wanted to – I was just...
A snake in the kitchen? Tell that to the invading mice
I’m so brave. We’re talking tall buildings. Single bounds. Ten-foot-tall and bullet-proof. Able to leap … sorry, been there, jumped over that. Living in the bush, I’ve had snakes (brown) under the Hills Hoist, next to the washing machine (red-bellied black) and in the kitchen. For some reason, I didn’t quite catch the colour of the kitchen snake as it slithered...