About James Coleman

Even before he could actually drive, James Coleman and his brother started a hobby car magazine, and he has been waxing lyrical about all things cars and motoring ever since.

He is told repeatedly that he has a British accent, but Canberra is where he was born and bred. Although he and his family now live in Queanbeyan.

He loves - you guessed it - cars and driving, but also squeegee-ing windows for some reason.

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Investigation ongoing into mysterious freight train derailment at Bethungra Spiral
An investigation is ongoing into why a 1400-metre freight train derailed while travelling along the Bethungra Rail Spiral in the early hours of Saturday, 15 January, 2022. Independent investigators have been onsite collecting evidence since three wagons on a Brisbane-bound freight train derailed between Bethungra and Frampton at approximately 3:40 am on Saturday. NSW Rural Fire Service and NSW Police were on the...
Nine things to do in the region this week (21-27 January)
What's On
This week's big event is Australia Day on Wednesday, 26 January, marked across the country by the whiff of barbecuing meat and beer. Awards and citizenship ceremonies will be taking place in townships across the region, and Governor-General David Hurley and his wife, Linda Hurley, will grace Crookwell Park with their presence for the day. But before that, the Eurobodalla...
$10 million worth of roadworks coming to Captains Flat Road
For years, regular commuters between Canberra and Queanbeyan, and the rural village of Captains Flat, have chipped their teeth and hurt their backs driving along Captains Flat Road. The 37-kilometre stretch of narrow and winding road is crumbling, riddled with potholes and prone to flooding in parts. Cars also have to compete with the regular school bus services and enormous...
I have one word for people complaining about noise at Wakefield Park Raceway: stop
When asked the age-old question of whether I am a cat person or a dog person, without any hesitation, I pounce on 'cat'. Cats are evil. Winston Churchill once said they are the only animal that truly looks down on people. Conversely, I know that dogs look up to people, are loyal, and can bring you your paper in the...
Relax in the pool or get handy in the 11-car garage in your private Long Beach sanctuary
It's injected with all the features that make up a dream home but for the current owners, it's now time to move on. The home at 3 Sanctuary Forest Place in Long Beach was built in 2016 and is three minutes from the golden sands of Long Beach or Maloneys Beach, 10 minutes from the bustling hub that is Batemans Bay,...
Charles Massy’s dragons tale spreads the word about conservation
Arts & Culture
"Beneath the western mountains, on the open plains of the high Monaro where the skies are blue and big, there lived a little dragon lizard." The Last Dragon covers the adventures of Timpo, a Grassland Earless Dragon lizard who embarks on a journey to discover if he is the last of his kind in the valley. Written by a prominent agricultural...
Kenrick Winchester dons the robes as new mayor of QPRC
Kenrick Winchester is the new mayor of the Queanbeyan-Palerang Shire, while Esma Livermore has been elected the deputy mayor after the new council's first meeting since the December election. The 11 councillors - nine of whom are sitting for the first time - cast their votes for the two positions last night (12 January), making Winchester the first new mayor...
Nine things to do in the region this week (14-20 January)
What's On
School returning is still a couple of weeks away, but fortunately there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained in the region this week. Bells Family Carnival has graced Batehaven, on the NSW South Coast, for decades and is again gracing the region with its rides and fairy floss. Also, a crash course in Thredbo will train up children in the...
Will the aeroplane ever take off as a way to get to the beach?
When the car first graced the Western world, many of the advertisements sought to sow seeds into the imagination of potential buyers about how easy it would be to dash down to the beach for the day. After all, you'd be doing a lot more than 10 km/h on the back of a horse. The opportunities for travel would be...
Local RFS volunteers honoured in Monaro
Thirteen volunteers of the Monaro Rural Fire Service received medals and honours at an awards ceremony, recognising the essential service they perform that often has them coming face-to-face with danger out of the goodness of their hearts. The ceremony was held at the Colinton Brigade fire shed in December, with the Acting Area Commander Chris Allen and Monaro District Manager...
Two town halls in Bega Valley a step closer as architects put pen to paper
Plans are afoot to resurrect two town halls in the Bega Valley after they were razed to the ground during the Black Summer fires. The communities at Kiah and Wandelle have been without a public indoor venue since the bushfire of January 2020, but the Bega Valley Shire Council has now engaged three architectural firms to provide concept designs for...
ANU scientists create first rocket powered by… mothballs
The next time you're at granny's house, open her wardrobe and take a deep sniff. That's rocket fuel you can smell. Naphthalene might be better known as 'mothballs', but the smelly and solid white substance is at the heart of a new rocket propulsion system designed and tested at the Australian National University (ANU). ANU PhD scholar Dimitrios Tsifakis came...
ANU researchers close to bottling up the benefits of exercise in a single pill
All that strenuous running and star-jumping and push-upping, but somehow, the bathroom scales still bear bad news. Just imagine if keeping fit and healthy involved nothing more than remembering to pop a pill every morning with your full-cream coffee. It's the elixir that humankind has lusted after since the dawn of time, but some local researchers say they might be...
QPRC election results are in and change is afoot
It took 17 days, but the results are in for the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) election. Labor has taken home the most seats, followed by the Liberals and the independent Group F. Bryce Wilson, Esma Livermore and John Preston will take their seats for the ALP, while the Liberals' team will consist of Louise Burton and Jacqueline Ternouth. Katrina Willis...
Nine things to do in the region this Christmas and New Year
What's On
It wouldn't be the end of the year and the beginning of another without fireworks going off somewhere, and the skies above Wagga Wagga and Batemans Bay will both light up for New Year's Eve. There'll be dust (and people) flying in Jindabyne and Tumbarumba when two annual rodeos come to town, and a tribute show to country musicians Keith...
Extravagant Europe meets simple Australia in this Gundaroo country estate
In 2007, Wolfgang and Antje set out to create a country estate which took elements from their European roots and combined it with Gundaroo's historical past and life in the harsh Australian climate. The result is 'Vogelweide' - or 'Bird's Meadow' - at 1a Rosamel Street, and it's immediately clear they nailed the brief. The bespoke home resonates personality and instantly...