About James Coleman

Even before he could actually drive, James Coleman and his brother started a hobby car magazine, and he has been waxing lyrical about all things cars and motoring ever since. He continues to write for DRIVETRIBE, the largest social network for petrolheads in the world, while finishing his degree in Journalism and Public Relations at the University of Canberra.

He is told repeatedly of his British accent, but Canberra is where he was born and bred. Although he and his wife now live in Queanbeyan.

He loves - you guessed it - cars and driving, but also squeegee-ing windows for some reason.

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Hunting big cats with another big cat
The idea was brilliant. I would be driving a car named after a big cat through the national park, eyes peeled for the long-fabled big cats that stalk these parts. Over the years, hundreds of sightings have been reported in the forests of the ACT and NSW, but nothing scientifically irrefutable has ever turned up. Until now ... It has...
Don your flat-caps: Terribly British Day is coming
What's On
This is what cars are all about. We're roaring through the streets of Queanbeyan, wind and V8 fury rushing through the nonexistent roof. Yes, the average hatchback or SUV is all well and good, but somehow, right now, this old British roadster is nailing the essence. And no, there isn't even a bit coming next about how we're stuck at...
New Batemans Bay bridge and foreshore still on schedule
Despite bushfires and coronavirus, the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project over the Clyde River continues to slowly but surely rise from the water. NSW Roads and Maritime Services published a detailed update this week stating that the substructure and piers have been completed and that throughout the remainder of 2020, a total of 166 massive concrete bridge segments will begin...
Tumut teen raises his voice for climate action
While most school kids spend their spare time playing Fortnite or making TikToks, Tumut's Rory Phillips has been playing the guitar and writing songs. He's been at it since he was seven. Now he’s partnered with the Bushwackers Band and Red Dirt Road Productions to create a 3-minute music video. The 13-year-old was Snowy Valleys Council Young Citizen of the...
Bushrangers and bushfire: the story of a Eurobodalla town’s monument to police bravery
A four-metre-high sandstone pillar at the heart of a small village in the Eurobodalla Shire will be among the first structures to be restored following the summer's bushfires. "It seemed one small thing we could do to lift spirits in a pretty horrible environment,” South Coast Police District Superintendent Greg Moore says. "The monument holds a pretty sentimental place in...
Queanbeyan council brings out the rule book for upcoming by-election
The Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council (QPRC) has announced it’ll be cracking down on illegal advertising in the lead-up to the Eden-Monaro by-election on 4 July. The day of reckoning is only three weeks away and with 14 candidates running for office, the roadside signs and posters are coming out in full force, and the council has already received several complaints. It's...