About Genevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs has been a journalist for 30 years, working in print and radio. Her career began with rural newspapers on the South West Slopes, she has freelanced for national magazines and spent a decade with ABC Radio Canberra.

She works with a wide range of organisations including the Tara Costigan Foundation, and Gift of Life ACT, sits on the ACT’s advisory committee for Historic Places and the boards of the National Folk Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, M16 artspace and the Conflict Resolution Service.

Genevieve has an enduring interest in building community, and creating discussions that include us all. And she still loves nothing better than a good yarn.

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Canberra’s magnificent Nolan collection now on permanent display at CMAG
Arts & Culture
He was one of the towering greats of the Australian art world, a household name for a generation, and Canberra has perhaps the most significant collections of his iconic art - but how well do we really know Sidney Nolan? That's the question Canberra Museum and Gallery curator Virginia Rigney asked herself when faced with the task of re-hanging Canberra's...
Pell case renews local calls for Catholic Church transparency and accountability
The chair of Concerned Catholics in the Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese, Emeritus Professor John Warhurst, has renewed his call for greater transparency and accountability in the Church after the Victorian Court of Appeal dismissed Cardinal George Pell's appeal against child sex abuse convictions. And, he says, priests must have the courage to address the issue freely and fairly from their pulpits this...
Building an export business – Yass, Bega, Moruya, & Young workshops
Getting into exports sounds like a big call for many regional businesses. There is no doubt there are challenges, but the potential is huge and next week in Young, Yass, Bega and Moruya there's advice to help your business rise to the opportunities. The Canberra Region Joint Organisation (CRJO), representing eight neighbouring local government areas, says the Capital Region is...
Chasing the truth about the Sydney stabbings: terrorism or clickbait?
This week, a Sydney man caused mayhem in the CBD. Mert Ney is alleged to have murdered one woman and injured another and the story was everywhere. But tuning in to two different news broadcasts on the night, you might have assumed that these were two different stories about different events. Channel Nine reported that Ney had used "extremist slogans"...
Dragon Dreaming organisers say stifling regulations could end smaller festivals
Dragon Dreaming organisers say they're among many smaller festivals whose ongoing existence is threatened by harsh new regulatory requirements. They're asking whether the NSW government's political agenda and entrenched attitudes are more to blame than genuinely heightened risks. The Wee Jasper event has endured ongoing criticism around drug and safety issues. Last year police laid 49 drug-related charges and in 2015,...
Canberra woman Michaela Banerji loses High Court free speech appeal over APS sacking
In a finding with substantial implications for public servants everywhere, Canberra woman Michaela Banerji has lost her appeal against dismissal for anonymously tweeting critical opinions about immigration and border policies. She had been sacked from her job with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for breaching the public service code of conduct, requiring public servants to be apolitical at all...
Former ACT Attorney-General facing trial over national security charges
Former ACT Attorney-General, deputy chief minister and barrister Bernard Collaery will face the ACT courts this week, where he will be charged with conspiracy for his role in advising an Australian secret agent and for speaking to the media about the matter. "Essentially, I will be in my own dock," he told Region Media.  Mr Collaery is the lawyer for...
Cancelled Dragon Dreaming host defends festival’s value for Yass community
Arts & Culture
The longtime hosts of the Dragon Dreaming Festival at Wee Jasper, which has been cancelled this year, have expressed frustration and disappointment with its characterisation as a drug risk. They say that the Festival is an economic and social benefit for the Yass community with strong ethical foundations. This week, organisers announced that Dragon Dreaming would not take place this November, citing "the...
Canberra author Peter Papathanasiou on secrets, love and what really makes a family
Arts & Culture
When Peter Papathanasiou was growing up in the Canberra suburb of Narrabundah, his family felt so insubstantial that it could be blown away by the wind. His older Greek parents cherished him, but he yearned for siblings, something more grounded and weighty. But when the Canberra scientist was an adult, his mother dropped a bombshell: he was not their biological child....
Simon Winchester headlines dazzling Canberra Writers Festival program
What's On
Simon Winchester OBE has had a proper old fashioned buccaneering writer's life. Expelled from school for blowing up the science laboratories, he joined a six-man sledding expedition to the East Greenland ice-cap and worked as a geologist in Uganda before deciding to become a journalist. He was imprisoned in Tierra del Fuego during the Falklands War, he's been a China correspondent...
Farewell Philip Spradbery, an old school CSIRO scientist and European wasp warrior
An old school CSIRO scientist who was a passionate believer in scientific research for the public good has died. Dr Philip Spradbery was familiar to many Canberrans for his research, advocacy and activism around the invasive European wasp threat. Born in the UK, he was a keen Boy Scout as a child and an athlete, student journalist and cartoonist during his...
Do you know how to recycle right? Regions launch plan to update your rubbish habits
You wouldn't credit the rubbish that people put into the recycling. On a freezing day at the ACT's Mugga Lane Recycling Facility as a new Recycle Right campaign is launched, we're looking at some of the things that have been fished out of the recycling chain in the last ten days alone. There's an entire table full of knives, large...
Courage, love and complicated lives shape local author’s novel, Bodies of Men
Arts & Culture
Nigel Featherstone writes a good battle scene, a good love scene and a good story. And while Bodies of Men, the story of two men's passionate love affair during the Western Desert campaign is a spare, elegant and beautifully written book, it's the complexity of ordinary lives that rivets the author. The novel began in the Australian Defence Force Academy's...
Beloved Canberra health worker Aunty Thelma named NAIDOC female elder of the year
A beloved member of the Canberra Indigenous community has been named female elder of the year at the NAIDOC National Gala awards, held at the Convention Centre on Saturday night (6 July). Aunty Thelma Weston, who was born in the Torres Strait, told Region Media that she was "very surprised", but also deeply honoured by the accolade. Aunty Thelma was...
Senior Australian of the Year says children need attention, love and plenty of free time
In front of Dr Sue Packer's place, there is a cubby house. The nearby entry arch is too low for adults, and there's a sign at the front that welcomes all kids to stop and play. And they do: the local school drops by on their way back from walks up Oaky Hill, and neighbouring littlies are in and out...
Could a heritage listing protect Canberra’s character from destruction?
It's been ten years since the first moves were made to place Canberra on the National Heritage list. For many locals, the first reaction would still be to ask how on earth you could list an entire city? But planning expert Ed Wensing says that the need has never been more urgent, as the current application to list runs out...