About Genevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs has been a journalist for 30 years, working in print and radio. Her career began with rural newspapers on the South West Slopes, she has freelanced for national magazines and spent a decade with ABC Radio Canberra.

She works with a wide range of organisations including the Tara Costigan Foundation, and Gift of Life ACT, sits on the ACT’s advisory committee for Historic Places and the boards of the National Folk Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, M16 artspace and the Conflict Resolution Service.

Genevieve has an enduring interest in building community, and creating discussions that include us all. And she still loves nothing better than a good yarn.

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Recipes for success: what’s tried, tested and true on your kitchen bookshelf?
Do you have a cookbook shelf in your kitchen? What's the most stained, dog-eared volume you own? It's a fair bet that a Women's Weekly publication features somewhere, from the well-loved cakes and biscuits tome to the revered birthday cake book. And unlike pretty much anything else in your house except small children, the degree of grubbiness is a good...
Can Voices for Australia be a voice for political change in the Capital region?
Complaining about politicians is a favourite Australian pastime, but despite compulsory attendance on Election Day, very few of us are motivated to do anything further. Amid a plethora of safe regional seats, Indi in northeastern Victoria broke the mould in 2013 when sitting Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella lost out to independent Cathy McGowan after the first Voices for Indi campaign....
Red Cross says 93 per cent of bushfire donations have now been spent on victims
Eighteen months on from the region's catastrophic Black Summer, the Australian Red Cross says more than 93 per cent of donations from the public have now been spent directly on bushfire needs. The Red Cross has released its Australian Bushfires Report this week, detailing the spend which included direct grants to 6085 people across 46 local government areas. It follows three,...
Taliban 2.0 claims on women’s rights are ‘nonsense’ says prominent Canberra activist
Prominent Canberra journalist and academic Virginia Haussegger AM, who has filmed in Afghanistan, is blunt in her assessment of the Taliban's promise that women's rights will be respected under their rule. "I don't buy that at all," she tells Region Media. "We're hearing stories already of women receiving death threats and we know they have been on Taliban target lists for...
National Photographic Prize marks a tumultuous year with humanity and grace
Arts & Culture
In its 14th year, the National Photographic Portrait Prize had a lot of challenges to overcome. Disasters and plagues of all kinds cast a pall over the "rich tableaux of humanity, a reflection of the year that was", according to National Portrait Gallery director Karen Quinlan, who judged the prize with National Gallery director Nick Mitzevitch and photographer Bill Henson....
National Folk Festival Fellowship has funding for the folk community’s big ideas
Arts & Culture
Musicians, dancers, poets, performance artists and collectors everywhere - the National Folk Festival is calling you. Applications for the 2022 National Folk Fellowship Program, run in partnership with the National Library of Australia, have been extended until August 16, supporting folk practitioners to develop a project based on the National Library's extensive folklore collections. The Folk Festival's artistic director Katie Noonan...
Council elections postponed across NSW for three months
For the second time, local government elections will be postponed across NSW for three months as the state grapples with a deepening COVID-19 crisis. After being postponed last year, the elections were set down for 4 September but have now been delayed until 4 December, affecting more than five million voters in 128 local councils. The order, made under Section...
BEST OF 2021: The writing box: a rural tale of love, letters and a mislaid fiancee
Year in Review: Region Media is revisiting some of the best Opinion articles of 2021. Here’s what got you talking, got you angry and got you thinking in 2021. Today, Genevieve Jacobs unpacks the history contained in her grandmother's writing box. Sitting in the sunlight on my kitchen table, a pretty old wooden box is showing its age. The leather...
Is the new COVID-19 ad campaign hitting the mark?
A COVID-19 public health campaign spearheaded by Canberra Hospital's Dr Nick Coatsworth has been superseded by a new advertising blitz, urging Australians to get the jab. But one marketing expert has raised concerns that the new Arm Yourself campaign - which urges Australians to "arm yourself", "your family", "your friends", "your workmates", "your community" -  is sending the wrong message,...
Digital News Report shows huge drop in newspaper readers, no desire to pay for news
Print news consumption has halved since 2016, and more people than ever are accessing their news digitally and though social media according to an annual report from the University of Canberra's News and Media Research Centre. However, there's still an urgent need for professional journalism, and consumers want their news to be balanced and accurate, the seventh edition of the Digital...
Broulee community furious about lack of consultation over land clearing for development
Broulee community members say they are furious about Eurobodalla Shire Council's lack of consultation as bulldozers begin ripping through trees on community land ahead of a new 48-lot development. More than 100 people attended a last-minute meeting held during the past weekend, and there are reports that at least one protestor subsequently entered the site, blocking bulldozers from further work....
The Nimmity Bell is ringing with good news for a small community
It's been a long and rocky road for the Nimmity Bell, but its midday peal is brightening the hearts of locals in a renewed and flourishing Monaro community. Recent headlines focused around a dramatic incident when local farmer Howard Charles was trapped under the bell in Nimmitabel while moving it. Howard lost his foot, but not his sense of community...
Updated: Goulburn, Gundagai destinations on Victorian COVID-19 tracing list
Victoria's COVID-19 outbreak has come worryingly close to home with news that four family members from Melbourne who tested positive for COVID-19 visited three Gundagai businesses and two popular Goulburn destinations last week on a road trip, as well as sites in the Shoalhaven. It was revealed late on Wednesday (2 June) that three household contacts of the original case reported...
How do we all give the journey towards death the dignity it deserves?
Death is still an uncomfortable discussion topic for many people despite it being the most inevitable part of life, coming to all of us without exception. So why can't we talk about something that's every bit as important as birth? A new TAFE NSW Bega course has been designed to help locals open the conversation about death and also help those...
Crunchy or chewy? Childhood memories and the great Anzac biscuit dilemma
Food & Wine
Food and memories go hand in hand: Easter eggs, the Christmas ham, the Sunday roast and at the end of April, the Anzac biscuit. Made with ingredients that sit in most kitchen cupboards (including the perennial tin of golden syrup, used for no other reason), Anzacs are redolent of home and the simple joys of life: oats and butter, golden...
Avenues of Honour are the living memorials we’re in danger of forgetting
War memorials are a place of pride across the length and breadth of Australia, ranging from the grand to the humble. They are a central feature of many country towns. But this Anzac Day, as services begin to take place again, another form of commemoration is in danger of being forgotten. For more than a century, Australian communities have planted...