Trash strewn throughout Carwoola streets, bins destroyed

Lachlan Roberts 10 August 2019

Bins were vandalised in Carwoola on Wednesday morning. Photos: Supplied by Louise Zaja.

Carwoola resident Louise Zaja couldn’t believe her eyes when she drove up her street last week (7 August) and saw rubbish bins and waste lying along the side of the road.

“My husband left for work early and a short time later telling me that a lot of bins had been knocked over Powell Drive and there was rubbish everywhere,” Ms Zaja said. “Our bins weren’t targeted but our neighbours up the road were.

“The bins were split in half so they must have been hit with some force. They must have lined them up.

“After I posted some photos on the Carwoola Community Facebook page, other people messaged me saying that it had happened in their street as well.”

In total, around 30 bins had been destroyed and rubbish strewn throughout the streets, costing the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council more than $4,500 to replace the bins.

The vandalism cost the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council more than $4,500.

It is not the first time that Carwoola has been the site of vandalism with letterboxes and bins targeted in a similar incident in March.

Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council shared their disappointment and dismay at the “senseless destruction” of garbage and recycling bins.

“The council’s waste staff coordinated the replacement of damaged bins and worked to clean-up the rubbish as soon as they were made aware of the incident,” a spokesperson said. “Around 30 bins were replaced – worth a total of more than $4,500 – and two staff spent the bulk of their day on Wednesday cleaning up spilt rubbish from the pointless act of vandalism.

“QPRC encourages anyone who is the victim of such an act to report the incident to police and also call QPRC on 1300 735 025 to let us know address details for bin replacements if necessary.

“Residents can also go online to report a damaged bin, missed bin collections, finding your collection day and reporting of illegal dumping. For more information click here.”

Queanbeyan Police are investigating.

Original Article published by Lachlan Roberts on The RiotACT.

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4 Responses to Trash strewn throughout Carwoola streets, bins destroyed

Russell Darroch Russell Darroch 5:22 pm 10 Aug 19

Does no one have security cameras around there? Cheap, easy, safety.

Pete Diskon Pete Diskon 2:30 pm 10 Aug 19

You can’t legislate against idiots

    Russell Darroch Russell Darroch 5:22 pm 10 Aug 19

    Pete Diskon no but you can get them on cameras

Jenifer Mather Jenifer Mather 12:25 pm 10 Aug 19

Use the Snap solve send app - this is what it is used for