The beat goes on for Bega’s DJ Robbie with ‘Appy Connections’

Contributor22 May 2019
Kristi Sproates of Appy Connections. Photo: Appy Connections website.

Kristi Sproates of Appy Connections. Photo: Appy Connections website.

Editors note: Kristi Sproates is founder/owner of Appy Connections, which delivers innovative National Disability Insurance Scheme support around the Bega Valley. Her service builds a therapy bridge into daily life utilising mobile devices and other digital technologies. Appy Connections is part of the first cohort of the Bega Valley Innovation Hub. About Regional is proud to back local people with good ideas.

Robbie Maples has long been a local identity in and around Bega with his DJing skills and cheerful demeanor.

For many years, Robbie drew crowds and inspired people to dance along to great tunes well into the night. Later in life Robbie suffered a stroke which has affected his mobility and ability to communicate, but it hasn’t dampen his enthusiasm for music.

Now, with the help of Appy Connections and the latest digital technology, Robbie is back doing what he loves.

Robbie and I have been playing with the world of Facebook Live which supports him in sharing his talent and love for music.

Its a ‘DJ Robbie Revival in the Digital Age’ and so much fun.

Old and new friends are tuning in to Robbie’s live segments and are applauding his ability to entertain by using his iPad.

Last week, via requests, Robbie played The Seekers, Bee Gees, John Farnham and Neil Diamond. There was a taste of nostalgia and a lot of toe-tapping.

By accessing Appy Connections’ therapy and training supports, Robbie has a goal to download music onto his iPad and operate the equipment independently.

Using technology and supporting creativity, mixed with Robbie’s great personality, Robbie can engage with his community and share his love of music, picking up and carrying on the friendships and connections formed before the stroke.

Robbie’s enjoying all the wonderful feedback and interaction so far. The right technology can open new doors and in some cases new worlds for people living with a disability. You just need the right instruction and delivery method, and I am very proud and happy to support that.

Stay tuned for another episode of DJ Robbie Revival in the Digital Age via the Appy Connections Facebook page, we’d love to take your requests.

Kristi Sproates and Robbie Mapples with his new iPad ready to DJ. Photo: Supplied.

Kristi Sproates and Robbie Maples with his new iPad ready to DJ. Photo: Supplied.

Words by Kristi Sproates

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5 Responses to The beat goes on for Bega’s DJ Robbie with ‘Appy Connections’

Angus Whyte Angus Whyte 2:49 pm 24 May 19

So happy for you Robbie! You are so good at choosing those music and songs as i really enjoyed that music and few songs that i know and don't know! So well done Robbie

Dave Akehurst Dave Akehurst 6:39 pm 23 May 19

Huge tunes today Robbie, great to see you at work, from the Stones, to the Doors and a splash of Metallica too!

Wendy Howarth Wendy Howarth 2:52 pm 22 May 19


Linda Mayo Linda Mayo 2:34 pm 22 May 19

Tuning in to DJ Robbie is a great way to celebrate Friday!!

Jenny Attwill Jenny Attwill 1:21 pm 22 May 19

So happy for you Robbie. You can’t keep a good man down! 👍😊