House Rules: Crumbling Gundaroo cottage doubles in size and value

Glynis Quinlan11 June 2019
House Rules

The dining and lounge room of Katie and Alex’s newly renovated home with its soaring ceilings. Photos: Channel Seven.

The Gundaroo home of House Rules contestants Katie and Alex Middlemiss has been transformed in seven days from a crumbling cottage “held up by twigs” to a 21st century country house with towering timber ceilings.

In the process the home has more than doubled in size and almost doubled in value, with its valuation increasing from $430,000 to $760,000 – a difference of $330,000.

The transformation, unveiled on television to the judges on Sunday night and to the home owners last night (June 10), was the biggest in the competition to date.

It included a new extension at the back of the home featuring soaring ceilings clad in laminated plywood. There was also a new roof for the house complete with numerous solar panels.

Several heritage features of the historic home were retained and incorporated into the new modern home, including a chimney in the kitchen. the original pressed tin ceiling in the master bedroom and a fireplace in one-year-old Hallie’s room.

The dramatic transformation has delighted Katie and Alex who were overwhelmed at the change to the 1880s cottage they bought in 2016 with its tiny proportions, ‘zero’ storage, non-functional kitchen and leaking master bedroom. They said the bank originally told them it was uninhabitable.

Katie and Alex outside their home ‘held up by twigs’ before it was transformed.

“It’s a different home,” enthused Alex upon seeing the renovated house.

“That’s the most amazing kitchen I’ve seen in my life,” said Katie.

Alex told the other contestants that they had changed the family’s lives.

“We could never repay you for what you’ve done for us,” Katie said to them.

Below is a video of what Katie and Alex’s cottage looked like inside before the renovation, followed by photos of what it looks like now (sourced from Channel Seven).

The new kitchen

Hallie’s room.

Dining table and lovely feature mirror.

Guest bedroom.

New loungeroom.

The old and new in the renovated bathroom.

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Sandra D Sandra D 7:14 am 12 Jun 19

Love it all except that disgusting bathroom. Laundry a bit boring and not sure kitchen is country but the are fine.