Rolling the dice for Braidwood Hospital, Monopoly fundraiser a hit

Alex Rea22 May 2019

Vladimir Bohdan spruiking Monopoly sales in Braidwood. Photos: Alex Rea.

Real estate in Braidwood is white-hot at the moment, across the board – the games board that is! A limited edition Braidwood Monopoly has been produced as a fundraiser for the Braidwood Hospital.

Braidwood Monopoly was the inspiration of local Community Bank Manager Nick Fry and the Vladimir Bohdan from the Braidwood Hospital Auxiliary.

Mr Bohdan ran the idea past the Braidwood Connect business forum to see if there was any appetite for the concept. Encouraged by the response Mr Bohdan then collected ‘promissory notes’ from businesses to get the funding to produce the game.

When the time came, everyone paid up. While businesses paid to name a property on the board, the local Community Bank sponsored the Monopoly money.

Mr Bohdan said “the average life of a Monopoly Game is 50 years. That’s very good long term advertising.”

“In generations to come the kids will be able to say – look my Pop had a shop on the main street then,” he added.

Braidwood Monopoly designed with Braidwood landmarks.

Five hundred board games have been produced, with the number one game bought at auction by local jeweller Diana Thompson for $550. The regular retail price for the games is $59 each, and many had been reserved sight unseen.

The businesses involved and the final look of the game was top secret until revealed at the launch earlier this month.

Mayfair, Park Lane, and Old Kent Road replaced by local businesses names much to the delight of all involved.

More than $27,000 has been raised so far for the hospital. The fundraiser was organised through Winning Moves in Sydney, who are licensed to produce Hasbro Games in Australia.

Monopoly man with Diana Thompson, the Bendigo Piggy and Marilyn Carle from the Hospital Auxiliary.

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7 Responses to Rolling the dice for Braidwood Hospital, Monopoly fundraiser a hit

Annette Hermens Annette Hermens 6:55 pm 22 May 19

Bruce Gerrard, you want this!

Annie Clarke Annie Clarke 11:14 am 22 May 19

Such a great idea, well done to all. Id live to see one for Moruya.

Leecarol Potts Leecarol Potts 9:19 am 22 May 19

How awesome is that..sounds like a lot of fun..😀 might be good if Narooma could do one for a fund raiser..

Jenny Drenkhahn Jenny Drenkhahn 9:03 am 22 May 19

fun idea

Sue-Ann McNeil Sue-Ann McNeil 7:57 am 22 May 19

Caroline Boland we should get a Milton monopoly happening 😄 Sounds like a great fundraiser

    Caroline Boland Caroline Boland 8:08 am 22 May 19

    Sue-Ann McNeil love it. We'll have to work on that. Ox

    Sue-Ann McNeil Sue-Ann McNeil 8:19 am 22 May 19

    Bendigo bank in Braidwood would be a great contact to start 😄