Merimbula business woman to lead Canberra Region wing of NSW Business Chamber

Ian Campbell20 September 2019
Regional President of the Capital Far South Coast - NSW Business Chamber. Photo: Facaebook.

Regional President of the Capital Far South Coast – NSW Business Chamber. Photo: Facebook.

Merimbula’s Lynn McColl has been elected Regional President of the Capital Far South Coast – NSW Business Chamber, part of the state’s peak business organisation.

Adam Zarth, Executive Director, NSW Business Chamber says the position is key to representing and advancing the regional interests of 22 local chambers of commerce across southern NSW.

“Lynn has overseen a very successful period for the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce and her commitment to representing the interests of businesses is widely regarded,” Mr Zarth says.

“Lynn’s appointment presents an exciting opportunity for the business communities of the Capital, South Coast and Snowy Mountains regions to work more collaboratively both with each other and us on issues impacting business owners and economic development.”

The appointment follows the recent Annual General Meeting of the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, where Ms McColl lost the local chamber presidency to Nigel Aying, of Solutions4Biz.

Ms McColl says her focus and energy will remain on combined efforts and initiatives that renew tourism hotspots and explore the inherent opportunities that come with major infrastructure projects.

“I have been part of the positive and progressive influence that the business chamber movement can bring, through actively engaging in and advocating for business-friendly policy measures and initiatives,” Ms McColl says.

“I look forward to engaging with local chambers and working in the interests of businesses across southern NSW to ensure their concerns are represented and progressed at a state-level and to state and local government representatives.

“There are opportunities for businesses in the broader region to leverage and benefit from major infrastructure delivery in Princes Highway upgrades, Snowy Hydro 2.0 and the development of the Port of Eden.

“I will be keen to see a proportional share of the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund expended in the Capital, South Coast and Snowy Mountains regions and work with local chambers to ensure suitable projects are identified and delivered across these areas.

“In my experience too, there is considerable scope for tourism, retail and other business operators to work more closely together to reinvigorate and more effectively market tourism destinations along the South Coast and further inland,” Ms McColl says.

Cooma Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the news, “Exciting news and certainly further paves the way for exciting times ahead for Cooma,” a statement on the Chambers Facebook page says.

“There is no better time for your business to be part of your local Chamber of Commerce – no matter what your industry/business is – make sure you’re giving your business the best opportunity.”

As a director of JAM Event Management, Ms McColl is part of the organisation around the upcoming Band Together Music Festival on November 30 at Wolumla, raising money for the Bega Valley Disaster Relief Fund.

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25 Responses to Merimbula business woman to lead Canberra Region wing of NSW Business Chamber

Margaret Mcneil Margaret Mcneil 9:19 pm 13 Feb 20

Wow Lynn McColl so well deserved and can only imagine the good you will do in such a position

John Richardson John Richardson 1:07 pm 29 Sep 19

Wow, what a wrap Ian … written like a true PR flack or Campaign Manager.
As a matter of interest, can you confirm exactly what tangible outcomes Lynn achieved for the Merimbula business community & the community more generally?
By the way, if Lynn is a director of JAM Event, should be able to inform the community as to exactly how much money will be contributed to the Bega valley Disaster Relief Fund, in particular as they are fundraising on the basis of that claim?
Look forward to your reply.

Fraser Buchanan Fraser Buchanan 11:34 am 26 Sep 19

What percentage of each $90 ticket for band togethers fundraiser is going to the disaster relief fund, given it is being bandied as a fundraiser it is only fair to be open and transparent about it

Peter Buggy Peter Buggy 12:14 am 26 Sep 19

Well done!

Jane Latief Jane Latief 9:17 am 25 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn

Julia Weisz Julia Weisz 8:46 am 25 Sep 19

I am so very impressed and delighted to hear of your appointment. Your dedication and hard work in your role as President of the Merimbula chamber has obviously been noted. You will no doubt take your skills and enthusiasm to this very exciting new position and make things happen. Keep me posted!

Claire Simonson Claire Simonson 8:44 am 25 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn👏👏

Christopher Nicholls Christopher Nicholls 7:35 am 25 Sep 19

Well done! Congrats big time!

Julie M Novotny Julie M Novotny 6:16 am 25 Sep 19

Congratulations 👍

Lynn McColl Lynn McColl 5:55 am 25 Sep 19

Thank you everyone for your support and very encouraging words. It's an exciting role with great opportunities for business across the region...

Mandi Stevenson Mandi Stevenson 4:43 pm 22 Sep 19

Well done, congratulations Lynn McColl.

Amanda Heather Amanda Heather 8:03 am 21 Sep 19


Kristie Tsakiris Kristie Tsakiris 6:45 am 21 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn very exciting!

Seetal Shaw Seetal Shaw 6:39 am 21 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn McColl

Jenny Robb Jenny Robb 9:24 pm 20 Sep 19

Fantastic news! Congratulations Lynn. Great choice! Good on you.

Tania Dwyer Tania Dwyer 7:15 pm 20 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn!!

Suzette Fullerton Suzette Fullerton 6:44 pm 20 Sep 19

Congratulations  Lynn 🙂

Pauline Osborn Pauline Osborn 5:34 pm 20 Sep 19

Congratulations Lynn

Suzanne Lewington Suzanne Lewington 5:21 pm 20 Sep 19

Congratulations well done and good luck

Julie Pennefather Julie Pennefather 5:18 pm 20 Sep 19

Go you girl know just how excellent you will be 👌😊❤