Eurobodalla switching on to electric vehicles

Ian Campbell21 June 2019
Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes, behind the wheel on an electric vehicle. Photo: ESC

Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes, behind the wheel on an electric vehicle. Photo: ESC

A growing network of charge points is starting to make an electric car more of an option for residents or people travelling through the Eurobodalla.

The NRMA has just launched a new electric vehicle (EV) fast charger near the Batemans Bay Visitors Information Centre, adding to plug in points at the Bower at Broulee, Micro Energy Systems Australia in Bodalla, Big4 Narooma Easts Holiday Park and the Tesla-specific chargers at the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club, The Lodge Broulee Motel, Bodalla Dairy Shed, Narooma Plaza and Anchors Aweigh Narooma.

Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes says electric vehicles are the way of the future and work to establish a national network of charge points is progressing slowly but surely.

“The issue we have currently is ‘range anxiety’ – people concerned about going on longer journeys and not having enough charge to get them there,” she says.

“With the new infrastructure being installed throughout the country, range anxiety is no longer an issue for more than 90 per cent of vehicle trips.”

Cr Innes says the range of many electric vehicles is up to 250 km and over 500km in some models.

“Eurobodalla is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growing number of people in Sydney and Canberra who are investing in electric vehicles,” she says.

“You could get about 150 km of extra range from a 30-minute charge at one of these stations – and they’re mostly located in our business districts, which gives visitors time to explore our towns while their vehicles are charging.”

Speaking to Region Media, Eurobodalla Shire Council’s sustainability coordinator Mark Shorter says it is inevitable that electric vehicles will become part of Council’s vehicle fleet, it is just a question of when.

“We are definitely considering getting EV vehicles in Eurobodalla Council’s fleet,” he says.

“We’re in regular talks with our fleet management department and suppliers however we first need to ensure ratepayers are getting the best value for money.

“Electric vehicles offer low or no emissions driving and cost about one fifth of the running costs compared to a standard vehicle.

“There are big-picture benefits too – and not just in reduced carbon emissions.

“Australia spends over $50 billion a year on fuel imports and only retains about two weeks in reserve for emergencies. With more EVs on our roads, this money can stay in Australia and provide greater security and independence from imported fossil fuels.”

Cr Innes says she is interested in exploring EV options for the Mayoral car and leading the way locally.

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6 Responses to Eurobodalla switching on to electric vehicles

Von Hutch Von Hutch 1:15 pm 21 Jun 19

YES Eurobodalla Shire Council are 'investigating' ... it has to start somewhere Mark Anderson Steve Hutcheson

Georgie Rowley Georgie Rowley 11:12 pm 21 Jun 19

This is great love it

Warren Davison Warren Davison 2:06 am 22 Jun 19

We use fossil fuel to make electricity ?
What fuel do we use to make solar panels ?

Diana Daisy Trendall Diana Daisy Trendall 6:09 am 22 Jun 19

My brother and family have just driven theirs from Auckland to Wellington in NZ.

Lisa Ashurst Lisa Ashurst 9:42 am 22 Jun 19

The purchase price of electric vehicles is way beyond the budget of the average driver so why so many charge points? Unnecessary expense.

Monica McCraw Monica McCraw 7:18 pm 22 Jun 19

O.K to have electric cars but where are we going to get the power electricity shortages with out them