Charges dismissed against teens who admitted causing Batemans Bay kangaroo massacre

Albert McKnight29 July 2022
Kangaroo joey Hope

This single surviving joey, Hope, was taken into care by WIRES. Photo: WIRES Facebook.

Even though two teenagers admitted they deliberately killed 14 kangaroos near Batemans Bay, their charges have now been dismissed.

The pair, who were both aged 17 at the time of the massacre so cannot be named, appeared in court late last year where they pleaded guilty to their charges of recklessly beating and killing an animal.

Originally, NSW Police said officers were called to the Long Beach area on 9 October 2021 after reports a number of kangaroos had been killed.

Police and WIRES found five kangaroos and one joey dead on Blairs Road and Sandy Place, then shortly afterwards were told seven more kangaroos and one joey had been found dead in the Maloneys Beach area.

One surviving, injured joey was found, which was taken into the care of WIRES.

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After the two teens pleaded guilty, they were referred to a young offenders conference.

These conferences bring young offenders, their families and supporters face-to-face with victims, their supporters and police to discuss the crime and how people have been affected.

Region understands the charges against the two teens were dismissed following the youth conference, according to details provided by the courts.

The charges were dismissed under a section of the Young Offenders Act that allows such a decision to be made if a child satisfactorily completed an outcome plan relating to the offence after a conference.

The teens’ matters were finalised in chambers and the hearing date of 27 July 2022 was vacated.

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“WIRES respects the decision of the court and Juvenile Justice,” WIRES Mid South Coast branch chair Janelle Renes said.

“We, as wildlife rescue volunteers, will continue our privileged role to rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious wildlife.”

The single surviving joey from the massacre that was taken into the care of WIRES was named Hope.

“Hope has matured and has now been released with her mob,” Ms Renes said.

If you come across an injured animal, call WIRES on 1300 094 737.

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7 Responses to Charges dismissed against teens who admitted causing Batemans Bay kangaroo massacre

Karin Karin 3:47 pm 31 Jul 22

Would like to know history of the offenders and be informed of their future actions

Chris Kingsbury Chris Kingsbury 3:26 pm 30 Jul 22

Nothing excuses the actions by these perpetrators of inhumane cruelty.

E. Renes E. Renes 7:42 am 30 Jul 22

It is indeed a shame that these harmless animals can’t fight back, they cannot even scream out in pain and fear’ they just quietly bleed out and die. Well done you delinquents I hope you feel all grown up with these crimes on your conscience.

Dianne Fee Dianne Fee 11:32 pm 29 Jul 22

Psychologists say that young people who torture and kill animals are highly likely to be violent to humans as well so it is probably not the last time these poor excuses for human beings will appear before the courts.

Annette Hermens Annette Hermens 6:55 pm 29 Jul 22

Community service? Service with Wires? Seriously! No punishment?

Nina Poulton Nina Poulton 6:49 pm 29 Jul 22

Obviously crime and slaughter pays, go kill and be set free.. our laws need huge revision.

Shirley Read Shirley Read 2:48 pm 29 Jul 22

Too angry & disgusted to answer.