Batemans Bay foreshore design – have a look, have your say here and now

Elise Searson17 June 2019

Andrew Constance. Photo: Supplied.

Designs for the new southern and northern foreshores of the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project have been revealed. Member for Bega, Andrew Constance hopes the community will take the opportunity to provide feedback.

“The replacement of the Batemans Bay Bridge is the largest project to be undertaken in this region so far, but it is important these spaces are what the community want and need,” he says.

An online interactive map has been created for people to easily view the features and have their say on the improved foreshore areas.

Mr Constance says, “The design of each foreshore balances the amount of green and parking spaces, provides more recreational and children’s play areas, allows better access to the river and opens up opportunities for events.”

In launched the draft designs, Mr Constance assured the community that a slice of the current bridge will remain on the foreshore with tributes and local history in the form of sculptures and a public mural.

“An improved T-wharf on the southern foreshore is also included in the plans and will feature two floating pontoons, with one on either side to deliver better access between the river and town and a major increase in mooring length,” Mr Constance says.

“The foreshore designs are part of the Urban Design and Landscaping Plan for the project, also released today.

“Improvements made to the foreshores followed valuable input from the Foreshore Advisory Committee and I thank them for their time and efforts with these designs.

“The committee has worked with the project team since October 2018 and played an important role in advising Roads and Maritime Services on a foreshore design,” Mr Constance says.

Three community drop-in sessions are planned to give more information and details about the plans:

  • Monday, June 24, 3 pm to 6 pm at the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project Community Display Centre, in the site office on the Princes Highway – the old Bowling Club site.
  • Thursday, June 27, 10 am to 1 pm at the Village Centre on Perry Street.
  • Saturday, June 29, 8 am to 10.30 am at Rally for the Bay, at the start of the event on the Clyde River foreshore.

View the online interactive map HERE to visualise the features of the foreshore areas and have your say via the online survey HERE as part of the interactive map.

Meantime, motorists are advised of changed traffic conditions today (June 17) on the Princes Highway at the Batemans Bay Bridge for routine inspection work and weight limit testing.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services advises there will be temporary lane closures in place for workers to inspect the bridge.

Work will be carried out between 8 pm and 6 am today (June 17) weather permitting, to minimise impact to motorists.

Motorists are advised to allow an additional five minutes travel time, to drive to the conditions, and follow the directions of signs and traffic control.

What's Your Opinion?

25 Responses to Batemans Bay foreshore design – have a look, have your say here and now

Alan Murray Alan Murray 11:10 pm 17 Feb 21

Lots of people saying shame about the iconic old Bridge. Keep it RTA & ESC. Think big. Think tourist dollar and keeping an icon. I said this before grab your Engineers, grab your marine biologists. Shorten the bridge by perhaps three sections at both ends. Take all the concrete out float the bridge east west, make it the new second foreshore! How? Turn it into a pontoon float it east-west parallel to the existing foreshore. Think sails, markets, everything that's been already mentioned. Tender boats, kayakers, fishermen, markets, stalls, lights, live bands, grass and plants where the road was. Opera on the Clyde. Outdoor Cinema off the lift house close off Clyde Street on Saturday. Best Christmas lights across the bridge on the South Coast how much more? Would bring in more than enough tourist dollars for the bridge upkeep. Employment as well full-time Bridge Crew.

Max Castle Max Castle 12:15 pm 24 Jun 20

I think you may have the bull by the tail Brad!

David Lewis David Lewis 4:41 pm 19 Feb 20

Came across on the car ferry as a boy. Traveled over the current bridge for as long as it has spanned the Beautiful Clyde River. Very impressed with the new design can’t wait to traverse it. Well done. Batemans Bay is and always will be a jewel on the South coast.

Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 12:52 pm 22 Jun 19

Here's what could be done:

No need to lose the old bridge. This is up near Yamba.

Neale Oxley Neale Oxley 3:34 pm 18 Jun 19

At least the bridge has 4 lanes. Can we extend that to the Vic border, or is Gladys too busy boring holes in Sydney and getting kickbacks from shonky high-rise developers? Bridge at Mogo needs widening and when are we going to get a bypass in Moruya? Oh! that was a promise made a week before the elections to fool the locals into voting for them. Never going to happen. If nothing happens up to the next election, you KNOW who to NOT vote for.

Brad Rossiter Brad Rossiter 3:07 pm 18 Jun 19

As a committee member for the Batemans Bay Bridge Foreshore advisory committee no just say that the Tea Wars was not part of this scope that the committee was in advising on. Secondly ramps are two accessible standard on both north and south side for all people to access and accessibility has been provided very strongly in the new plan concept and ideas for the Foreshore on both the north and south side under the area that we were asked as a committee to advise on thank you Brad Rossiter

Anne Mabey Anne Mabey 11:24 pm 17 Jun 19

It's ugly and dysfunctional....carparks on the foreshore ...great use of beautiful land...parks should be there...more than enough carparks under the Mall. And the local demographic are elderly....will they park there, of course not. So these areas will be taxing tourists instead of creating nice places for everyone to enjoy ....with trees and parks on the foreshore.

Rodney Llewelyn Rodney Llewelyn 8:43 pm 17 Jun 19

About time!

Joan Armstrong Joan Armstrong 8:14 pm 17 Jun 19

Exactly how are pedestrians including the elderly, those on disability scooters,wheelchairs , cyclists etc able to access the bridge from the northern and southern sides ?

Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 8:02 pm 17 Jun 19

What's the point having a say when the RTA will ignore any comments?

Anthony Grant Anthony Grant 7:48 pm 17 Jun 19

Plant NICE BIG SHADE TREES PLZZZ and not Plane trees either, there are so many colourful trees like eg. " Lipstick Maples " the Council workers hacked Edens tree the week they planted them ! Cut the main leaders out. Crazy they hacked the shrubs in Edens main st a couple of weeks ago too. It just says THEY Don't know what there doing 😭😭😡😡 a lack of understanding of what they're working with ! Which in turn is BAD Management, PR, & Communication in the SYSTEM. 😭😭

Ostrich Ostrich 5:24 pm 17 Jun 19

Should leave the bay alone. It’s always been a cute place by the sea. And how much money do you need to throw away at it? Ever since the mall project this place has lost its way. Building new shops while clearly none of them can even stay op. Even if a business does, it almost literally makes another close. Good luck with you destruction project, can’t wait to not see the iconic bridge anymore but a big white concrete one from outer space that will turn black and ugly in 5 years like all the new foot paths no one will walk on.

Elke Cavicchiolo Elke Cavicchiolo 2:37 pm 17 Jun 19

Lovely photos except I dont know which end of the bridge I'm looking at except for the pontoon one.

Maureen Searson Maureen Searson 1:21 pm 17 Jun 19

I don't understand why design advice on the pontoons, that would allow for greater access to a wider variety of vessels was not taken. This design appears to miss the opportunity to bring more people into Batemans Bay via the water. It makes no sense.

Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 10:07 am 17 Jun 19

Pity no tidal energy plant was established to provide back up to power grid.

Batemans Bay Boaters Association Batemans Bay Boaters Association 10:00 am 17 Jun 19

A great disappointment showing the current 40 year old concrete T-wharf maintained for some obscure reason and two ill designed pontoons appended at each end. The pontoons have steel or concrete piles on the outside spaced to no normal size vessel will fit between. The cruise ship tenders will not fit and the resultant gap will be too wide for any passenger to step ashore. The on ramps dominate the pontoons and are waiting for any child to crawl under and be trapped y the tide for the movement of the pontoon as a ferry passes by.. Extend the floating pontoons from a redesigned wharf downstream to the Promenade with a break in the middle to kayaks and canoes can come inside. Design the on-ramps to meet the standard and the add facilities for the disabled, low free board vessels and place the piles inside the pontoons. This proposal will activate the water based expeditions, revitalize this area of the CBD and get the community how better this area could become.

    About Regional About Regional 10:05 am 17 Jun 19

    Thanks for such a detailed comment. Will follow up.

Annie Clarke Annie Clarke 9:34 am 17 Jun 19

Shame the old bridge cant be save for somthing interesting, like seafood resturants, or a funky park.

    Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 7:58 pm 17 Jun 19

    Completely agree. Lock in the open position so boats can navigate and use it as a purely pedestrian space. It's so iconic and there is still room for it if the plans are to be believed.

Rod Niemeier Rod Niemeier 8:21 am 17 Jun 19

Looks great.. shame we loose the amazing bridge that is there, but it has had its day..

    Stephen Esdaile Stephen Esdaile 7:59 pm 17 Jun 19

    Only economically (which is all the RTA consider). It still has a lot of the Bay's soul alive in it.

Mike Long Mike Long 8:03 am 17 Jun 19

Although Canberra people dont live there they certainly keep the Bay going, it would be good to hear what they have to say.