About Sally Hopman

Long time Canberra journalist Sally Hopman will be familiar to readers from her years at The Canberra Times, where she wrote extensively about Canberra and the Capital Region before joining the National Library.

She began her career as a cadet journalist in Nowra and claims to have worked on some of the best and worst newspapers in the country - and learned rather a lot in the process.

When not writing, Sally collects snowdomes, take photographs of trees (mostly the same one), lives and breathes life on a Yass Valley sheep farm, volunteers at Vinnies and rounds up Beswick china animals and real rescue dogs – not necessarily in that order.

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Fun with cooking? Just roast me now
If it doesn't already say it in the Bible, it should: beware of "friends" bearing cookbooks. And if one of those cookbooks says Fun With Cooking, featuring a scowling child underneath, complete with a hair part that looks to have been dragged back by a heavy instrument - but with matching hair ribbons still in place - head for the hills....
Yass community to benefit from $3.5m new road funds
Yass Valley businesses, workers and drivers will benefit from the allocation of $3.5 million for improvements to the region's roads. The funding has been made available through a variety of federal and state government programs including the Black Spot program for 2021-22. Yass Valley Council's Director of Infrastructure and Assets, James Dugdell, said $1 million would go towards gravel resheeting...
What’s the buzz … we’ll tell you what’s happening
Only a few things need to fall into place to make life sweeter for Collector's Gary Poile. Little things like the weather, eucalypt trees, and one of the most unreliable women in the world, Mother Nature. But Gary is pretty confident she'll get it right this year - and there's a buzz about to prove it. As one of the...
Wee Jasper’s Dragon Dreaming Festival postponed
Arts & Culture
The controversial Dragon Dreaming Festival, scheduled to run at Wee Jasper next month, has been postponed  because of the COVID-19 virus. The festival will now be held in April next year, disappointing the thousands of fans who had already bought tickets to the sold-out event. But a spokesman for Dragon Dreaming said COVID-19, lockdowns and border closures had given organisers...
Shearers, farmers urged to work together to fight COVID-19 crisis
Concern is growing that shearers will become the latest profession to be stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a transient workforce, often moving from one isolated regional area to an even more remote one, they are more at risk of catching the virus. This can be compounded by some shearers being obliged to work in outback areas with limited amenities....
Take a virtual fly-through as Murrumbateman school moves closer to opening
Construction work is expected to begin on the long-awaited $20.1 million Murrumbateman Primary School early in the new year after one of the last planning hurdles was passed. A State Significant Development Application went on exhibition for the school project on 17 June and when it closed, on 14 July, only eight submissions had been received - none of which...
Barton Highway duplication project ‘virtually’ open to traffic
If you can't wait to see what it will be like to drive on stage one of the Barton Highway upgrade, you need wait no more. This week, the NSW Government has posted an animated 3D flyover of the completed stage one of the highway, showing how the long-awaited new stretch of road, linking Canberra and Yass, will look on...
Famed country baker shares recipe for success
There's a famed cookery competition that's not for the faint of heart - nor cold of oven. It's the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW's Rich Fruit Cake (RFC) competition - and if you score a Highly Commended in it, you're entitled to hang up your tea towel forever. Lesley Cox of Yass could, but everyone who has ever tasted anything...
Yass Valley Council secures government funding for school safety upgrades
Yass Valley Council has secured more than $871,000 from the Federal Government and NSW Government to improve pedestrian safety around regional schools. Yass Public School will be one of the beneficiaries with increased car parking for visitors and staff, and the moving of the bus stop to Laidlaw Street, with the addition of safety barriers. A ‘kiss and drop’ zone will...
Farmers urged to take action ahead of new mice plague threat
Farmers are being urged to help the New South Wales avert another mouse plague. Although ACT rural areas and the adjacent regional districts of NSW did not suffer as badly from the mouse plague as western areas of the state, farmers are being urged to get ahead of the game of mice versus crops immediately. Mouse populations plateaued over winter...
Why modern technology is such a turn-off
Have you noticed we don't talk anymore? Sorry, that's a song title. Take 2. It seems we don't communicate the way we used to. Like with our mouths. Face to face, even. In the same space. To people we have actually met in the flesh. Rather, in these strange new times, we're switching to devices, platforms, sites and tablets. Talking...
How the art of collecting can change the world
Shani Nottingham plans to change the world - one bread tag at a time. The collector, teacher, artist, blogger and influencer from the central west NSW town of Cowra is, above everything else, an environmentalist. For her, collecting and the environment go together, mainly, she says, because they have to. Four years ago, after suffering personal trauma, she took stock...
Change of site for COVID-19 testing facility in Yass
Yass Valley Council has moved its drive-through COVID-19 testing facility from the former Landmark building on MacDonald Street to the Walker Park sporting complex on Merriman Drive in Yass. Council has also reduced the hours the testing station will be open. The revised opening hours are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday. The Landmark site was sold...
No shock as Murrumbateman locals hail power crew as heroes
Murrumbateman townsfolk have labelled an emergency crew from Essential Energy heroes. The five-man team, led by electricity power linesman, Dave Brown of Yass, worked in what locals described as horror conditions on Tuesday night (24 August) when a storm and wild winds cut power to the village. At about 7:30 pm, after being called out to the village by residents,...
Healthy start to Queanbeyan’s Indigenous vaccine campaign
More COVID-19 clinics will open for members of southern NSW's Indigenous community after hundreds of people flocked to the first of its kind in Queanbeyan on Monday. The Queanbeyan clinic, designed for young people over 12 years of age to be vaccinated with the Pfizer injection, was staffed by members of the Southern NSW Local Health District's Indigenous health team....
Capturing images of real life in the most extraordinary of times
Arts & Culture
Tom O'Dea takes remarkable photographs. Stunning close-ups of birds and animals, and landscapes of his hometown of Yass that look like the sort of still lifes that famous Australian artist Fred McCubbin had in his focus at the end of the 19th century. But recently, Tom focused his camera on a scene he later described as not far removed from...