About Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor is a 'bitsa', with a background in education, a photography business and a love of the written word.

She moved to Canberra with her family 12 years ago and loves exploring the diverse experiences the region has to offer.

Her other passion is planning big family trips on a shoestring.

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Kelsey Barber’s training trajectory catapults her towards more javelin records
"The big thing for me when I opened my eyes was, I had such clear focus on what I wanted to do, what I needed to do and the belief that I could do it. And I just carried that into the throw." Kelsey Barber’s eyes sparkle and her face glows as she describes the electric moments leading up to...
Young Canberra Citizen of the Year makes every week National Recycling Week
James Jayatilaka has recently been named Young Canberra Citizen of the Year 2019 in the environment and sustainability section for his innovative contribution to recycling - but as it's now National Recycling Week, he's not slowing down to celebrate. Thirteen-year-old James is explaining how he developed the enterprise that won him the award and helped make him an ambassador for the...
World Narcolepsy Day brings awareness to a misunderstood, life changing disorder
Health & Wellbeing
"Luckily, right at that moment, an unconscious Argentinean fell through my roof ...’’ Moulin Rouge fans will recall this scene, a tableau of how narcolepsy is perceived. The Argentinian falls asleep at inconvenient moments throughout the film. David and wife Marina are chatting with me in a quiet corner of their local pub. September 22 is the first World Narcolepsy Day,...
Jack’s Bunch of Mates: investing in relationships as the key to a full life
Jan Kruger hurries through the door of Tilley’s cafe and laughs when she sees that the quiet booth I have found for us happens to be the one next to where her youngest daughter sits doing her homework. Jan is a long-time advocate for inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream schools. She is chatting with me about the initiative...
Kombi Keg: a party idea ready to roll in
Food & Wine
Heads up, Canberra! A fun new way to slake your thirst is blazing a path to the capital. Well, ‘puttering' may be more accurate. Kombis encapsulate a laid-back lifestyle; conjuring up images of wanderlust, adventure and beachside bonfires. One Kombi in particular plans to deliver the festivity to any party you have planned this summer. Phil Hoken launched a fresh...
Why Dashi is a struggling young reader’s best friend
"Look, the dinosaurs are getting into the rocket, Dashi!'' Just when I thought I’d seen every kind of magic that comes from the bond between humans and dogs, I met Dashi, Canberra’s very own Story Dog. The pyjama-clad whippet and his seven-year-old reader are snuggled into a couch stashed in a hidden nook at Dickson Library in Canberra's north. Today...