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Hayden is a writer, musician, and all-around Canberra enthusiast. After studying music and English at ANU, Hayden has worked with a number of Canberra-based arts and media organisations.

When he's not writing, Hayden can usually be found watching the next up-and-coming local band, or reading up on the latest music and arts happenings around town.

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Meaty Matters panel to shed light on the changing face of veganism
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"I think 2014 was when things started to kick off," says Katrina Fox. She is a journalist, activist, and the founder of Vegan Business Media, and we're talking about the way our perception of the term 'vegan' is changing. To some, it's still a dirty word, and Fox has spent part of her career breaking down the misconceptions that come along...
Words and movement: three reasons not to miss My Urrwai
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Upon peeling back the layers of Ghenoa Gela’s most recent show, you learn that there is no exact English translation of ‘My Urrwai’. It can be approximated by combining ‘my spirit, my style, my essence’, but the only way to approach any kind of real understanding is to experience this work of movement and words first hand. Here are three...
70’s Unplugged to celebrate the sights and songs that shaped our nation
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It's time to let down your hair and dig out those flares from the back of the cupboard. A wave of flower power is washing into town this month with 70's Unplugged, the multi-media entertainment event that brings the sights and sounds of the 70's to the stage with a six-piece band and a setlist full of favourites. Having grown...