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The journey from organic wheat to licorice, chocolate and whisky
Food & Wine
Neil Druce, proprietor of the now iconic Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory, thought back to where it all began. "I just loaded up the car with bags of it and drove down the highway from Junee to Melbourne, stopping in towns and selling it," he says with a smile. But it really took seed in 1962 when Neil was just...
From steam trains to diesel locomotives, Junee preserves its rail links
If you are of a certain age, you will undoubtedly remember your first ride on a steam train. The smell of the black coal burning and pure white clouds of steam billowing into clear blue skies. The classic ‘choo choo’ echoing down the track as the steam train pulled into a lengthy platform. The less pleasant yet unforgettable experience of soot flying...
The CWA is 100 years young and still baking the best scones in the Riverina
The Country Women’s Association (CWA) this year marks 100 years as the backbone of rural Australia. Piping hot tea and fresh scones with lashings of cream and jam have long been associated with the not-for-profit organisation, but there's a lot more to its hard-working members than afternoon tea. The first Branch of the CWA was established in Crookwell NSW in...
Never leave a mate behind: the quest for a Light Horse memorial in Wagga
In 2017 Wagga Wagga resident Maria Flinn was attending the unveiling of a new military statue in another Riverina town when an idea struck. The bronze memorial had been raised in honour of the Australian Light Horse (mounted troops) who served with distinction during World War 1 at Gallipoli and then in the desert of Palestine Sinai. Maria decided that Wagga,...
Wagga’s ‘Carevan’ rolls out hundreds of meals with love every week
"It's easier to care than to turn away" is the motto of Wagga Wagga's 'Carevan' and its founder, Lynne Graham. The food van, which Lynne says focuses on "caring through the distribution of meals and providing a listening ear", resulted from Lynne's desire to help those in need and the tireless efforts of volunteers and the community. "I wanted to make...
Thomas’ upcycling helps first-timers get on their bikes
When his dad gave him his first bike, Thomas Lemerle could barely reach the pedals but that didn't stop him taking to the streets of Wagga and learning to ride in the 90s. It was a carefree time but one that planted the seed of a business idea that took more than 20 years to blossom - a bicycle recycling...
Simple search for a book opens a whole new chapter for Vickie
Arts & Culture
A simple search for a certain book led Vickie Burkinshaw to open a whole new chapter - both in her life and that of the Wagga arts scene. Vickie had been enjoying a quiet life in the Riverina after a successful career in communications, which included touring the world and working alongside Body Shop founder Dame Anita Raddock. While in...
Wagga canine coats fit for the Queen’s corgis
When Jan Grant first decided to jump from the corporate ladder of banking and finance into the unknown world of retirement, she had no idea she would end up making coats for the Queen's corgis. Always a keen sewer, Jan began marketing her own travel beds for dogs for a bit of extra cash after she made the move from the...
Nabiha’s cooking up kindness from her Wagga cafe
Food & Wine
In the well-lit eatery, its counter covered high with culinary delights, three assistants appear. One, an apron-clad petite lady, comes forward. Welcome to Nabiha Koriaty’s Kitchen in Wagga Wagga. From a family-sized table covered in coloured cloth and plastic, Nabiha looks up with smiling eyes and begins to retell her story – one of hard work, love and devotion. Born...