About Cass Proudfoot

Cass grew up in the shadow of Mount Taylor but now lives closer to Mount Majura.

She is a writer who loves art, photography and history, with a serious weakness for beautiful flowers. Cass aspires to be a keen gardener - if only she could find the time. Her draft novel remains unfinished for similar reasons.

But she always has the time to go to a new art exhibition!

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Queanbeyan ‘bird lady’ Laurel Rosin remembered with mosaic memorial
A new mosaic memorial to local ‘bird lady’ Laurel Rosin is now in Waniassa Park on the Queanbeyan River. Laurel was the bird coordinator of Wildcare Queanbeyan for many years before she died in January 2020. Local artist Alison Archbold was chosen by Wildcare to make the memorial. She is also a bird and animal lover and her Googong farm...
South Coast artist Naomi Crowther keeps painting despite the fires
Arts & Culture
South Coast artist Naomi Crowther continues to paint despite the difficult conditions on the coast currently. She hasn’t really got a choice: her art is her job, and her painting sales support herself and her two boys. Many Canberrans have seen Naomi’s work at the Old Bus Depot markets in Kingston over the last 20 years at her fortnightly pop...
Life as a Canberra space tracker in 1969
In 1969 Curtin was the southern tip of Canberra and Watson was the northernmost edge. And the Moon was the next frontier to be reached in space. Moon mania was gripping the planet, and Canberra played quite a role in the moon landing on 20 July that year. Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station 32km outside Canberra was built to support the...
Exploring the moon in cardboard, wood and old coffee cups
What's On
“I built it in two weeks in my garage,” says Tom Buckland of his four-metre high lunar space module. “I had to build it in five pieces and assemble it in the gallery. It took five ute loads and a station wagon to get it here.” The result is impressive. The lunar module made of cardboard, wood and coffee cups...
Sculptor Sian Watson fits in Canberra exhibition between jaunts to Montana and Jindabyne
Arts & Culture
Sian Watson is that rare bird – a young artist who can sell and exhibit as much work as she makes. Since graduating in 2015 Watson has exhibited work in Canberra, Montana, Murrumbateman, New York, Ontario, Queanbeyan, Sydney, Washington and Yass. Her latest show Future Fables is at Tuggeranong Arts Centre until 29 June. She went to school and university in...
Julian Laffan, the Braidwood printmaker who makes no prints
Arts & Culture
Julian Laffan is a Braidwood schoolteacher. He is also a collector, traveller and historic home renovator. And he is an artist. Laffan trained in printmaking at the Canberra School of Art and came away with a love of wood cut printing. But these days he doesn’t make any prints at all, preferring to colour in the carved woodblock, and display that...
Scottish ceramicist flowering in sunny Canberra
Arts & Culture
Michelle Young-Hares had never been to a hot place before she arrived in Canberra for a three-month artist residency at the Watson Potters’ Society. She felt the first weekend was a scorcher – it was 26 degrees. The closest Young-Hares had been to a warm climate was opening the pottery kiln in her ceramic studio in Scotland. That has all...