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Bryan Martin writes for Region Media about food and wine each month. He is the winery manager at <a href="https://clonakilla.com.au/team/">Clonakilla</a> and runs the <a href="http://www.ravensworthwines.com.au">Ravensworth label.</a>

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Hazelnuts, cyclists and Nebbiolo wine: from Italy to Murrumbateman
Food & Wine
Well, the good news is - if you actually want to think about this -  that older Italian men in cycling lycra don’t look any better than middle-aged Aussie men wearing lycra. Sure they look great as a peloton, and should only be seen as such, but strolling through a restaurant, eye level, sweaty, and clingy, it’s another story, so...
Truffling with your tastebuds in a winter feast for the senses
Food & Wine
It's -4.8 C, and our young pup, some sort of poodle/labrador rearrangement of genes, is confused: her water bowl is behaving strangely. While she ponders her canine physics problem, I’m looking out at the vast whiteness of a deep June frost and can’t get truffles out of my head. While we have a few trees with spore on their roots,...
Apple cider pickles, sour beer and just a touch of gout
Food & Wine
Bryan Martin writes for Region Media about food and wine each month. He is the winery manager at Clonakilla and runs the Ravensworth label. As a 60’s child who enthusiastically chanted about hoping to die before I got old, we're all staring down the barrel of actually being sixty soon (ish). And it turns out that we're quite content not...
Brewing up a bubbling sourdough (and staying clean)
Food & Wine
Bryan Martin is the winery manager at Clonakilla and has been nominated as Winemaker of the Year for his own label, Ravensworth. He’s a food writer, cook and forager who believes Murrumbateman is the Tuscany of Australia. Wickerhamomyces anomalus aka Pichia amomalus, Meyerozyma guilliermondii, Eremothecium sp. and Kazachstania, both bulderi and humilis... Sound tasty! When you spend your life around...
Mooseheads, sex clouds and the lure of beekeeping
Michael Devey is a quiet, soft-spoken guy, considered of thought and movement. It’s not entirely certain which came first, given his beekeeping profession. Did he achieve this aura of slightly bemused tranquillity once he started working with bees or was he that way inclined and found his profession by elimination? Mike’s many colonies of bees out here at Murrumbateman are, like...