7 May 2020

Aged care worker walks out after flu vaccine becomes mandatory

| Elka Wood
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Registered nurse Anki Groening outdoors.

Registered nurse Anki Groening, of Bega, has chosen to leave her profession rather than receive an annual flu vaccination. Photo: Supplied.

Did you know that from 1 May 2020, it’s mandatory for all aged care workers and visitors to an aged care facility in Australia to have received the flu vaccine?

Along with continuing to respond to the spread of COVID-19, the Federal Government’s response to the flu this year has been early and hefty, with $80 million invested in providing a record 16.5 million free flu shots to Australians.

“While flu vaccination does not prevent COVID-19, both influenza and COVID-19 cause serious respiratory illness. The combination of both diseases could be life threatening,” said a statement from the Department of Health.

But the hardline approach is costing some workers their jobs and leaving them wondering if making the vaccine mandatory is a knee-jerk reaction to the spread of COVID-19.

Anki Groening, of Bega, has worked as a registered nurse for 10 years, first as a midwife and, for the past three years, in aged care at a Bega facility.

She says that for her, the risks associated with getting the flu shot every year far outweigh the benefits.

“I had a round of vaccinations to get up-to-date when I completed my nursing degree and had an immediate reaction,” she explains. “I was in bed for six weeks and had unexplained arthritis for two years afterwards.

“When I went to the doctor, she said she’d never seen such high levels of autoimmune indicators.”

Despite her reaction, Anki tried immunisation one more time while preparing to take a midwifery job in the Solomon Islands.

Again, she was seriously ill.

“I gave my boss [at the Bega aged care facility] my medical records and said that getting the shot every year to continue working there would jeopardise my health.

“I let them decide, but it’s out of their hands, they have to follow government rules.”

Anki was asked to provide one of three acceptable reasons to decline the flu vaccine. These exceptions are cancer treatment, a record of Guillain-Barré syndrome following previous flu vaccination, or a history of anaphylaxis connected to immunisation.

When she couldn’t provide one of these reasons, she was immediately stood down.

“What they are asking us to do is weigh up our job and income over our health and wellbeing,” says Anki. “The historical battle between pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination leaves little room for grey areas like my situation.”

Anki says she feels for her colleagues Australia-wide, some of who she says don’t feel strong enough financially to refuse the vaccine.

“There is one nurse in particular, who I work with, who is so upset but can’t afford to lose her job, so she’s being vaccinated against her will.”

Anki says she can’t help thinking about the first thing she learnt in her nursing degree: do no harm.

“The flu vaccine is not effective enough, and the flu is not deadly enough, to warrant risking my health again,” she says, adding that the effectiveness of the vaccine varies from 40-60 per cent, depending on age and other factors.

Because the flu vaccine was given early this year in response to fears about COVID-19, and is only effective for three months, a booster shot will be necessary to maintain a chance of immunity during the winter months.

“I did ask my work if I could not work there for three months a year but they said the ban on unvaccinated workers applies all year, even though the vaccine wears off after three months,” Anki says in frustration.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 2017 was the worst flu year in recent history, with 1255 deaths due to influenza.

According to the report, approximately 500 people die each year in Australia from flu, with the majority aged above 75 and having comorbidities.

Anki will miss her elderly clients, especially hearing their stories, but says she won’t miss the way the industry preserves life at all costs, or the way that death is feared.

“Birth and death are similar,” she smiles. “When it’s time, we have to be strong for the person going through it because both are natural processes.

“To continue the stance that we must prevent flu deaths at all costs – even at the cost of younger, healthy people – it’s a pretty big conversation that no-one wants to have.”

For more information, visit NSW Health.

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It is so tragic. Instead of making the world a better place for everyone we see more and more power going to governments and corporations at the cost of the freedom of individuals.
Today I received my Mandatory Immunisation Policy from my employer. I work as a Support Worker for an Australian Dementia Organisation.
Last year, for the very first time, I received a mandatory flu shot very reluctantly. I cannot remember ever having had the flu in my life. At my age the flu shot is only 40% effective and if I would get the flu I would stay home. But all of this does not matter to the Organisation. They don’t care about my health. I told them, and will tell them again, that when I signed my contract with them I never allowed them to determine what goes into my body. What they are doing is illegal and an abuse of my human rights. You must wonder how they sleep at night. I hope and pray that one day they will wake up and realise what they have done. I read Anki’s story with great interest and empathy and have enormous respect for her decisions.
Thank you for your example – I will follow.

This is so sad. Never should the flu vaccine become mandatory. When a vaccine can cause harm we should be in control of what we want to put into our bodies. Having the flu vaccine yearly will only create a buildup of harmful toxins that we don’t need. I will have to leave my career also when it comes time to mandatory vaccine.

I also had a bad reaction to a previous flu shot and decided not to risk that happening again. My GP refused to provide an exemption as I could not demonstrate “proof” of harm. My father lives in an aged care home in ACT and I have been banned from entering his “home” since this mandatory vaccination policy came into effect. He’s now suffering the consequences of prolonged isolation, lack of companionship and emotional support that I normally provide. Clinically depressed and on medication. How is this “protecting” our elderly? Meanwhile other visitors who were vaccinated early last year can come and go as they please. Most of these people would by now have no more immunity against flu than unvaccinated individuals. Booster shots have not been enforced. The 2020 flu season is long over yet the restriction remains in place indefinitely. How is this an appropriate public health response to the Covid19 pandemic? Illogical, irrational, discriminatory, punitive and CRUEL. An epidemic of loneliness and desperation in aged care is a public health issue too!

Please government respect differences. Give choices to your community. This is unacceptable and unnecessary.

My mother is being forced to leave her job, work visa, apartment, and income—all because Of mandatory flu vax. This is so absurd. I am proud of her courage to stand up for her values, despite the many things at stake. Her faith and wellbeing are not for sale! I feel for the care facility as well, the had been trying to fill her position for a very long time and now will lose the employee because of this law.

Andrea Bronte6:18 pm 09 Aug 20

It’s breaking my heart. Flu vaccine doesn’t prevent flu nor corona, we are backed in a corner to either have a flu shot, which we don’t want nor believe in , or see my 98 year old grandmother in her nursing home (my 11 year olds great grandmother)
This is giving me a grim hope for our country and our world … please, if you have a legal understanding of this, I’d love to hear my grandmothers rights and my families?

If you think that autoimmune diseases as a result of the flu vaccination are rare you are wrong. My sister has autoimmune disease due to flu vaccination. GP confirmed that flu vac causes immune response and resulted in her auto immune disorders. Life altering. Myelin sheath in the brain effected which will bring on Parkinson disease and she has to live with severe hyperthyroidism and fibromyalgia and battle everyday to improve her health so that she will not develop Parkinson’s. WAKE UP PEOPLE if you have a flu shot every 12 months this will be your new normal.

Before COVID-19 I was of the opinion that anyone refusing a vaccine was crazy. But now I am not so sure since COVID-19 has brought to light (at least in my mind) that there are timetables and pressures involved in pushing vaccines out year after year. So now, I am not so comfortable about being vaccinated. With a prescription medication, it undergoes years of trials and follow-ups before it is ever allowed to be prescribed, but vaccines cannot go through the same level of scrutiny because they literally have to concoct these vaccines every year. We are basically “beta” testers to draw an analogy. Now I greatly fear what will happen when my elderly mother enters a nursing home, since I am now very uncertain about vaccines, especially having read this article. My full respect to Anki Groening and exercising what should be a freedom of choice. I would only criticise her if vaccines were 100% safe with 100% chance of nil significant side effects.

About time!

I’m neither for or against vaccination but definitely and only for a freedom of choice. None should ever be forced to be injected against their will! This must remain our individual choice otherwise we are being enslaved by the totalitarian government – this is very wrong!!! I’m afraid that this mandatory vaccination which has just started in to aged care sector will be also soon commencing across the whole community. 😢

I’m pro vaccinations, but not pro flu shot! And now I can’t visit my dad because of it and neither can his young grand children! It should not be forced upon us.

I believe in vaccinations but I don’t think the flu vaccine should be forced on people who have had any sort of bad reaction previously because it’s rate of protection isn’t that high. I think this is being too heavy handed.

I totally related with her situation I was applying for a position as care worker at the last stage this company asked for my vaccines certificate I wrote an email back explaining my body reacts very badly with any vaccines, they sent today an email saying they can not force me to get the flu vaccine but neither they will not hire me due the flu vaccine is compulsory as care worker position.
What a discriminating situation, flu vaccine does not prevent even the flu itself, of course it won’t protect anyone from COVID19.
At the end of the day I didn’t get the position because of the flu certificate.

Yes I have been prevented from seeing my mother at an aged care facility. My problem is a phobia so severe that needles can send me into Atrial fibrillation. But like Anki I can’t get an exemption.

This is against human rights and the nuramburg code.

Sabine Basha8:52 am 11 May 20

I believe that, emotions put aside, a society that puts young people into lockdown to save the lives of old or sick people will sooner or later be faced with a harsh reality check.
My mother is 77 and is upset about what her children and grandchildren have to go through now. She says she has had a good life and will be happy to go when it is her time. It would be selfish and unreasonable to put young people’s lives on hold in order to prolong old lives (her words).

I can so relate.I am an Rn and totally did not want to have the flu vax but was forced to have it to keep my job.I was ill for 2 weeks after.It should be a choice what we inject into our bodies.We shouldn’t be blackmailed into having it and that is exactly what’s happening right now.Totally wrong on Every level.

I truly am wondering if civil liberty law firms need to start to get involved. I too work in frontline human services and have realised that if flu vaxs are forced on me I will not be able to stay in the field.
It is criminal that people feel like they are being forced to do something against their will because they need the income..
Shocking.. are we really a country of the free?? I think we have to start standing up to this abuse.

Dreadful that someone who gets sick (as I would if I had the vaccine, in fact it would probably kill me, due to allergies), has to give up a job that is so necessary, especially now, because a government can’t look at individual cases properly.

Johanna Leipoldt9:08 pm 10 May 20

Similar to Anki I had a flu shot 22 years ago and have never been so sick in my whole life. It should be no surprise that this was my first and last flue shot. I’m turning 76 this year and can’t remember having the flu since childhood. With the first symptom of a cold I take high dose vitamin C for a few days which stops the cold straight away. I accept that flu shots might be of benefit to others, but no flu shots for me.

I am the sole guardian and only person responsible for my 96 year old aunt who is in aged care. I have been banned from visiting her as I will not be getting the flu vaccination. She is fretting for me to visit and I can detect that she is declining mentally as a result of not seeing me. The flu vaccine does not stop you getting the flu. It does not stop you giving the flu. In fact it has been shown that you are 36% more likely to get a corona virus if you have a flu vaccine. This mandatory flu vaccination is cruel and discriminatory. It will also be tje thin end of the wedge. First flu vaccine and then other vaccines will be compulsory.

Citation of the research that shows 36% increase in contracting a corona virus after a flu vaccination, please.

It is a disgrace to have to chose between your job and a vaccine !!!

It s identical with a discrimination based on religious, medical or conscientious grounds.

Death and birth are natural. I wonder of the elderly with little cognition, their bodies drawn into painful contractures, incontinent of urine and faeces, what they feel? Turned from side to side to stare in what direction they are placed for long hours with very little interaction. Meals of pureed mush spooned in and tablets crushed into dust mixed with custard and jam, the disgusting preparation offered many times a day. The tablets help reduce their risk factors for further disease. Really, how much further could one enter that realm. Doctors come to visit…’I hope I don’t end up in one of these places’. So, who is the voice for these people? I sadly think that influenza would be a merciful relief.

It’s so wrong to make injecting stuff into our bodies, regardless of if we agree or disagree, mandatory by law.
My Mum 93 in nursing home has severe depression and PTSD anxiety,confusion worsening in lockdown, after huge push, I was granted a visit and then told I can’t come in unless I have a flu shot. Never had nor wanted one. Then told there are none available in our area till June. So can’t see Mum until they became available again!!
Eventually I was able to hunt down a spare shot. I always said I’d take a bullet for my Mum. So I had to take the flu shot. I’m ticked I had to inject crap into my body to see my dear old Mum. But what else could I do, I couldnt let her suffer so much more. I fear this is how the government will make other vaccines, “ie for Covid 19” compulsory before we can go anywhere or do anything.

Felicity Hellen12:19 pm 11 May 20

Spot on Lorn. Agree totally. Best wishe sto you & your Mum. x x

This is a special case and it sounds like she has not been treated properly as this is not used as an argument for others without reactions to have the vaccine. Actually strengthens the argument for those who can must so that it’s not an issue if a few can’t.

Lesley Fahey4:08 pm 10 May 20

While I support getting the flu vaccine every year, this lady has very good reasons for not getting it, supported by her medical records. Some common sense is needed here.

I am 64 I started having the flu shots since I was 60 I haven’t had a cold or flu since the first shot. Vaccines have prevented lots of problems over the years but ignorant people who don’t get vaccinated are the ones who spread the disease. We are seeing more cases of measles & mumps and other diseases because people are ignorant or scared of needles. Save yourselves & save the world.

Robert Mason2:38 pm 10 May 20

There are a lot of jobs that require immunization, be it the Flu or other diseases. You do what is required or find another job. Immunization is about prevention and protection of others as well as yourself. I worked in defense and inoculations were a regular part of the job, no ifs no but’s’, you could be deployed at a moments notice. All hospital and nursing home staff need to be immunized due to so many at risk people around.

It’s a travesty that people are forced to have vaccinations against their will. I had fluvax last year yet was sick with influenza A for over 3 months. The vaccine isn’t even effective for influenza A as the antigen changes over the flu season. Some people have legitimate reasons as to not want to have the vaccine or other vaccines. Not all vaccines are safe nor effective anyway. This is becoming a communistic state.

This is a sad turn of events for Australia. There are many people who will now have to put their health at risk if they need to keep their job.
Like Anki, I do not have any vaccinations due to the effect it can have on my health. Having good levels of Vitamin D have ensured I do not and never have had the flu, I am 54.
Death is a natural part of life and I have spoken to a client whose mother (in a nursing home) told her “I am tired of being kept alive, bring on COVID19”.
How sad we are putting at risk, the health of young people who may be vulnerable to severe reactions to vaccines, possibly causing life long issues, in order to preserve the elderly who a lot of them, are ready mentally and emotionally to move on from this world.

Sharon Keady11:19 am 10 May 20

I too have major concerns relating to not being able to visit my grandmother in an aged care facility unless I agree to annual vaccinations. Beginning to feel like a dictatorship.

I am amazed after reading all the comments here That there are a number of staff that say they get sick after the flue shot each year. WOW, I’m not alone.!!
I’m a Nurse and after moving interstate to work in public hospital we were encouraged to get the flue shot “for everyone’s protection” and every year since if I didn’t have 2 weeks off with the flue after it I had a runny nose for weeks and sometimes a cold that lasted 24hrs. One year after it I thought I was going to die I was so sick.
This year I had decided enough was enough and I wasn’t going to have the shot. Then Coronavirus turned up killing thousands across the world so we were then told “all staff need to get the flue shot so at least your covered for four types of flue and have a better chance if you got Covid-19. if you don’t and you get flue we may have to look at your time off”. Intimidation & innuendo at its best. So us 65 plus staff members got the shot in April cause the over 60 vacs was not guaranteed to arrive in time. I have had a snotty nose ever since and a 24hr cold last weekend. Don’t tell me there’s not something in it we react too. As for a COVID-19 vacs, well there isn’t one for any of the coronavirus’s to date. Why is it everyone over 75 dies of COVID these days? What happened to natural causes like before?

Cheryl Alldridge8:44 am 10 May 20

Yes i agree, sad that people get so ill when they get the flu injection <3 i get so ill from having it… i chose not too

The only possible way to fight this injustice is to use the government’s freedom of religion stance against them. Preserving and taking care of health and wellbeing is an essential part of all legitimate religions. Under freedom of religion you cannot be forced to harm your body. ‘the temple of the Lord, according to the Bible. This law is about money and profit, as always not, compassion and love. Fight them!

Julie George7:52 am 10 May 20

Excellent. Good on you Anki . The fluvax never really worked. I was working with disabled people and I never accepted the fluvax. Also I was the only worker who never have the flu. All those vacvinated workers and vlients have the flu even though they have their fluvax every year. The vaccines are useless.

I agree with her. Some of us are aware that we developed an ongoing autoimmune disease following a vaccination. We wish to protect ourselves from further onslaughts. As I dont get the flu, I do not want the vaccine. However I now cannot visit my mother who at 97 is in a nursing home.
If the flu vaccine were more effective then perhaps it may present a different story.

Liam and mullins7:14 am 10 May 20

She’s a very slow learner. She was badly injured from the first lot of vaccinations which compromised her health for years and then she went back for more. Is she stupid or what? Anyone willing to risk their health for pieces of worthless paper are serially stupid. Productive people will always survive and thrive. Tell them to stick their jobs and see where that gets them.

Pauline Augustus6:52 am 10 May 20

There are many people who react very badly to the flu jab, surely the government can see this? There is grey areas for almost every situation because we are all different, makes me wonder and seriously ask what qualifications our medical officers in charge of this legislation really do have. They took the same oath, do no harm. If an individual has his/her’s ddoctor letters stating such a bad reaction + past history of very bad reactions then surely that can be taken into consideration. Also, the policy state 3 reasons for an excemption have they forgotten about Stevens Johnson’s Syndrome, there are other auto immune reactions which should be considered. The government is fast becoming our callers telling us when to work, where to go, what to buy. The last I heard Australia was a free country.

What a load of scaremongering rubbish. Living near a freeway gives increased levels of benzene, 2.5pm particulates and other heavy metals. You get a higher dose from eating fish and seafood of Mercury, formaldehyde and your so called nano particles. Why don’t you actually go and research the periodic table and how chemical bonding works.
Also have you ever seen someone in an iron lung due to polio, or an elderly person with scoliosis. How about a child born with severe disabilities from Mum catching rubella while pregnant or how about someone with shingles, scratching themselves until they bleed.
If you don’t believe the overwhelming facts and proof regarding vaccinations, don’t go to the Doctor’s when your sick.

Yes I became seriously ill too. Never so ill as that

After working in aged care for 10 years I have been placed on indefinite leave after declining the flu shot also. I have an autoimmune condition and I will not be forced to jeopardize my health further to maintain employment. There is no credible evidence that states vaccinated people pose less risk of transmission than unvaccinated people

Suzanne Hornell12:56 am 10 May 20

Flu vacinnes should not be compulsory!

There are arguments for and against having any kind of vaccines,but ultimately its a person’s own right to decide,its bullying otherwise.

You’re right. The arguments against tend to be the selfish, self- centred, “It’s all about me” argument. Medically, there is hardly any real reason to refuse.

I am also a RN of 10 yrs and I also fall in this grey a area. I have had 3 rounds of Chronic Fatigue following vaccinations and arthritis since my last vaccinations about 10yrs ago, I am only 37 now. I have been working with a Naturopath since my last bout of Chronic Fatigue just to remain in the workforce. I am unable to return to work after maternity leave due to the demand that I have ALL of my vaccinations again including the Flu shot.

I agree that you cannot even have the conversation. That bothers me as they either label you a Vaxer or Antivaxer. I am not allowed to have an informed opinion without being labeled as either, yet I am NEITHER. I am informed, I am concerned, I have the right to not be medically coerced or be a medical guinea pig as most, if any vaccines are tested for genetic effects on people over multiple generations or in fact on people or children that are immune compromised. Perth Immunology Clinic has been unable to provide me with more than brochure quality answers.

I also have a question if anyone can give me some info please: It is my understanding that a vaccination does NOT prevent you from contracting the disease, you just get a milder version? So if you still can contract the disease then logic follows that you can still pass it on too? And if you get it so mild that it hardly bothers you then you are more likely to remain working and mingling with society? Then, if you are out and about you may without knowing pass it on to an immune compromised person? So where does this ‘herd immunity’ story come from?

Colin Guthrie10:24 pm 09 May 20

Amazing, ever since I turned 65yrs old Ive had my vaccination. I’m 73yrs old now and still no problems. BUT dont worry NZCPR has all the answers

I work in aged care and was told I have to have the flu vaccine, I told them to look up my past history and my allergic reactions to the flu vaccine and how sick I get after having vaccine, was told I needed doctors certificate stating this my doctor wrote one out for me and my workplace accepted it taking in regard that in the last 4years since stopping the injection I have been in good health with no signs of the flu.

This kind of story just gives oxygen to the anti-vaxer community, which is dangerous and anti-social.
So this so-called nurse puts her job ahead of other people’s lives? She can choose to do something else. People in her care are not in a position to choose if the proper safeguards are not in place.
This is why we have regulations and standards – if she doesn’t like it, she can make her choice.

Janet Springer9:48 pm 09 May 20

Wrong in so many ways. This is a personal choice issue, and your right to say no shouldn’t impact on your right to work.

I’m a nurse of 25 years…never been sick with the flu, but have now been forced to get the fluvax against my will. I’m not allergic to it, but just don’t want or need it, but have no choice. The elderly I’ve seen die from respiratory complications hasn’t been due to the flu, it’s been due to carers working with a common cold. What they pass on to the elderly becomes a chest infection, then pneumonia!!…I hate & am against the “No jab, no job” of this mandatory fluvax.

Fiona Gardiner9:38 pm 09 May 20

It’s a requirement for health care workers to maintain their immunisation against various diseases including influenza up to date. As a frontline healthcare worker putting the vulnerable at risk seems to go against everything as healthcare professionals we work for

I can’t visit my 95 year old father in care now because I don’t want to have the’flu shot.He does understand my position because he doesn’t have ‘flu shots either. Idon’t recall him ever having had the flu and l haven’t had it myself for at least 20 or more years

What l don’t understand is why we have to sign a consent,when we are being threatened with a loss of our job, a consent uder duress is nul and void.

People should have a right to refuse the flu shot no matter what the reason for rejecting it.

I won’t be be getting the flu shot I have never had it and don’t want it

I became very sick with flu vax once too and I’m a nurse. I ended up getting flu even worse than without. Without I don’t get flu. Funny with flu vax I get bad flu. What’s the rationale in that?

What about Families of residents and resident’s who go out….

If a staff brings in medical records, they should be exempted. There are many who are forced to get vaccinated and it is against human rights.

Anyone who has symptoms don’t come to work. That is effective. Why forcing staff against their will. Inhumane.

I respect her decision to leave and cannot understand her employers attitude. Sometimes people who make the rules have to look outside the box so that mutual respect, understanding and positive outcomes can be achieved.

It’s not a small price if you suffered terrible side effect like Akni. If it’s not mandatory for the residents to have the flu shot, it shouldn’t be for the staff.

I absolutely agree. I was forced to get one or lose my job also. I need to work and had to have it. I also have had reactions since birth and still this was not good enough. I will definitely walk away next year if this law doesn’t change.

Lynda Chisholm7:21 pm 09 May 20

Does this mean that lnfluenza vaccine is going to be given year round every three months. ?

I agree with Anke….some of us are worse off from having the short-lived effectiveness of the flu jab than others. My husband has been getting them for over 15 years now and has had two (2) very bad reactions when the strength/vaccine combination was changed. I cannt have them for the same reason as Anke, and in all my lifetime (66 years), I have only contracted influenza once…during an extremely cold winter. I prefer to take my chances than being extremely unwell for weeks on end every year. The ratio is not equitable.

Yes the flu is not deadly for you and your “high levels of autoimmune indicators”, but as a health professional surely you realise that it can be fatal for our elderly population.

I was in the same situation with a severe autoimmune response. I lost consciousness, not once, but twice, following my one and only flu vax.l also have had anaphylactic and adverse reactions from other immunizations as an older person. Beware! Allergic people’s lives are being placed in jeopardy because of this blanket Federal legislation. There has to be a contingency plan for those who suffer extreme allergic responses to the flu vaccine even if that requires victims to follow COVID-19 type safety measures all year round so they can continue to work in vulnerable settings.

I feel for this lady, I was forced to take the jab to keep my job. I won’t be doing it again next year.

Stella Mitchell3:00 pm 09 May 20

I agree with Anke

Elaine Pierrus2:59 pm 09 May 20

This goes against what we stand for in the health profession.
Allowing people to have the choice.

My heart goes out to Anki. I know exactly where she is coming from. No aged care workers would voluntarily put their clients at risk but care must also be evident for carers.
I don’t know what the answer is, but anyone considering training to work in aged care will need to take this on board & if it doesn’t suit, train for another career.

I think certain diseases should have mass vaccination as long as It does not endanger the life of the individual. My child had an acute and worrying reaction to the pertussis vaccination. Indeed the chemist will keep people waiting 15 mins as there is the odd person who will have an anaphylactic response. It is known that vaccination is not totally free from health problems.
In the light of this..For the individual to have an annual vaccination for the 10, 20 or even 30 years to my mind is of major concern. i always have low energy for a week or so after a shot and this is common amongst staff.
I agree that workers should not be forced to have a flu shot every year.

Lis Nelsen-lewis2:36 pm 09 May 20

I am an ASEN in W.A…..I was forced to have a flu shot this year or my rural/remote nursing contracts would have been cancelled immediately, somethin I just simply couldn’t afford. I have never had the flu vax before, I am 55yrs old, fit & healthy. I dont go to work with a cold or not feeling well. I feel our rights have been taken away from us.
Parents of small children have a right to vacinate them or not, Where are our rights??

My husband and I both lost our jobs in aged care over this. My husband is a cook and has very little contact with the residents. It is ridiculous and time more people said no. Is your job worth more than your health and wellbeing? Nobody should be forced to put their health at risk for the sake of keeping their jobs. At least read the flu package insert and weigh up if the benefits outweigh the risks.

There are plenty of very good reasons Not to have the flu shot that have Nothing to do with being an “antivaxxer”. Therefore it should Not be compulsory.

Maine Maxine12:47 pm 09 May 20

If the vaccine is so great how come people are still dying from flu

Barbara Angell12:45 pm 09 May 20

I am 85 tears old and healthy. Being subject myself to anaphylaxis following certain injections I have no problem with anyone who declines, on that basis, to take a flu injection. My own Home Help confessed to me the other day that she has never had a flu injection in her life, and she went on to explain that neither has she ever had a serious case of flu and it is for that reason that she declines the injection.It makes perfect sense to me as it indicates that she has developed a natural immunity to flu. Lucky lady.

You can go to GP and get an exemption, go has to be registered to give you an exemption, so you need to find out what GP is authorised.

Audrey Cruye12:31 pm 09 May 20

It should not be compulsory. I also get very sick if I have the Flu vaccine. I haven’t had one for over 40 years and in that time I have never even had a cold. I am 94 years old.

No one should be vaccinated against their will. Particularly this flu shot doesnt prevent from getting the flu.Making it mandatory for aged care workers is not acceptable. Perhaps their union should take an action or petition should be signed by the public against such laws.

If you are not willing to have vac find another job you are putting others at risk

Albert Feather10:47 am 09 May 20

Underlocal rules she should not be working in aged care unless she has flù jab ???

My husband and i will not be having the flu shot either.My doctor said that their are many strains of the flu active and the flu shot does not cover them all so why bother.My husband gets the pneumonia shot periodically as he has had pneumonia in the past.If one has a bad reactions to a vaccination,i cannot see the sense in having another shot.Stick to your guns.

What a great article and what a shocking decision to have to make.
I am a registered nurse in aged care and I totally get her comment about preserving life at all cost. I am almost retired and I remember when nursing the frail and aged was more gentle and realistic and it’s actually OK to die at some point. My advanced care plan will be water tight as to what I do not require when my quality of life is poor. This is absolutely a conversation that needs to be had and I would love to be a part of it.
I admire this employee and encourage her to take this further. She will be a huge loss to an industry that is extremely challenging at best.

Our elderly need all the protection they deserve, and if one is not prepared to to provide it, well goodbye!

The nurse is just being unrealistic,I have worked in aged care for over 10yrs and I can strongly reccommend the idea of vaccination. Usually its us the staff that spread the virus to our vulnerable elderly people.if you choose to leave work it’s your choice but please don’t expect people who are doing the right thing to look after you (tax payers)

Patricia May Martin8:50 am 09 May 20

This is highly unfortunate and there needs to be allowances to decline for such situations as that of Anki.

I will pray that you be reinstated with those conditions or that you are given an even better position that lines up to your needs.

Thank you Anki, for making a stand, on behalf of many of us working in the Healthcare sector.

Human rights8:34 am 09 May 20

This is happening all over the country in every aged care facility. No government should have the power to force anyone to choose between their job and their health and wellbeing.

Pauline DOWNING8:20 am 09 May 20

Their will always be standouts in any situation Our bodies are composed of different recipes of genes etc and there will be always those affected adversely. Vaccinations are for the good of the many.

What a load of garbage! This person has no place in health care with those misguided & ridiculous views. Glad she got stood down.
The reporting in this article is horrendous.
Get vaccinated!

June beresford7:19 am 09 May 20

I was diagnosed with sweets syndrome after flu shot last year, my immune system attacked itself. It’s now with me for life. Vaccinations should not be mandatory. We are individuals with different circumstances not robots

I dont think she chose not too because she just did not want to be vaccinated. I believe she has most vaccines but the flu vaccine cause significant reactions to her heath therefore she chooses not to. Different to just NOT wanting to get the vaccination like many others. I also used to have reaction to it in the mid 2000’s but the vaccines now dont effect me. This will be the way in most employment in the future.

I have been a registered nurse all my working life and I have had the Fluvax every year for a long time. During that time I have never been sick with a common cold or any type of flu some of the information put forward by some people is incorrect and reads like something out of a fairytale if people don’t want to be vaccinated then that is their choice but they shouldn’t spread false misleading info about the Fluvax scaring people vaccinations are a wonderful thing which have stopped some of the world’s most terrible diseases like Polio just to name one do these people want to see these diseases return

Registered Nurse1:37 am 09 May 20

Whilst there are some whom may experience complications as a result of flu immunisation the statistics are low. Influenza is a most serious condition and the elderly whom die from influenza experience horrific symptoms …. it is distressing to see how they suffer. I too am a nurse and I would never expect that I should be permitted to place patients in my care at further risk by not being immunised. I would voluntarily walk away from my position than place others at risk …. the statement made re: birth and death most concerning…. ageism. Possibly may change her mind as she reaches her latter years in lifespan. The government have made the correct decision and if we need to have a second round of protection…. that’s what should happen. The higher numbers of population being immunised will decrease the potential for mutation and worsening pandemics. Unfortunately people making decisions against immunisation are uneducated regarding facts.

“What they are asking us to do is weigh up our job and income over our health and wellbeing,” says Anki” …
No, Anki … what they are asking is that you weigh up your job and income over a ‘highly vulnerable person’s health and well-being’ . As a high risk individual, AND a person with an elderly parent in age care, I thank you for making the right choice and leaving a profession you are clearly no longer suitable for. Au Revoir,and best wishes on your new endeavours!!!

What isn’t being shared in the media is…
This is only in place while an emergency has been declared. Once the stated of emergency is declared to be over, the associated emergency powers by State authorities is revoked. Under the Public Health Acts in respective States of Australia, the constitution explains that a State of emergency can not continue multiple extensions past 90 days, and the related policies cannot be kept.

The most effective way to stop the spread of the flu in an aged care facility is not to go to work if you are sick ! I have worked with plenty of staff that come to work with coughs and colds because of staff shortages. Wearing PPE and complying with hand hygiene is also very effective . Just because you choose to vaccinate doesn’t mean you are immune to getting the flu. It is not mandatory for residents to have the flu vax. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Noesja Hyland7:42 am 09 May 20

So aged care residents dont have to be flu vaxed ? But anyone working there does ? Double standards 😵

It is now mandatory for residents to have the flu vaccination. I reside in what is called an “assisted living apartment” at an aged care facility, not a nursing home, and was forced to have a flu injection without any consultation. I am also not permitted to leave the facility except for end of life medical treatment. Fortunately my GP is permitted to consult with me under very strict conditions.
If other residents are happy to be vaccinated to “immunise” themselves then how am I a risk to anyone except myself.
Surely I have a right to decide matters which may or may not have an effect on my health or my life.
If I am faced with a decision to have an operation that may save my life but has a risk that I may die during or as the result of the operation, surely I have the right to decide whether or not to have the operation.

Yes I agree if the residents don’t have to have it but workers do where is the logic our democracy is severely undermined

It’s not mandatory for residents to have the flu vax? I was under the impression it was.

My choice whatever my age.

Those who have the shot, if it works, should not worry about those who didn’t have it, as they are protected!!

That makes sense to me. NOT mandatory for everyone

I was forced to have the flu shot 2 weeks ago. I have an unstable autoimmune disorder and the vaccine triggered it off again. Still suffering muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nausea, headaches. My boss couldn’t care less. I had the jab and now can’t work. No one has compensated me. I will never have it again.

To the anti vaccinators complaining that they can’t visit their elderly loved ones in aged care because they won’t have a flu shot, I have a solution for you, take your loved ones home and look after them yourselves. If you do you are only putting the people you love at risk of a horrible death and not other peoples loved ones, problem solved.

I remember the elimination of smallpox. Vaccination was mandatory if you wanted to enter or leave this country.

30years ago I had a flu vaccination & a severe anaphylactic reaction quickly followed. I was really sick for 6mths & suffered a large plug of mucous on my lung. Who in their right mind demands a ” history” of that??? No organization has the right to expect/ demand any one to severely risk their health every year. If residents in the Nursing home are immunized, then they aren’t at risk if you’re not “jabbed”

I had the same frustration not wanting the vaccine myself. I work in the same industry never had a flu shot and have never had the flu. I felt pressured to have the vaccine. Numerous work colleagues felt the same way,though due to financial reasons had no choice.

Wonderful article! My mum is in a nursing home and I have chosen to not have the flu vaccine! It doesn’t feel good to me either that they are making this mandatory! Makes no sense to me as it’s more about self responsibility in a nursing home and having your temperature checked. My sister had the shot the other day and she is so sick. Why are they forcing it into people? It doesn’t solve the issue! People who have a flu shot can still be contagious. I’ve never had a flu in my life!

Lesa McKenzie7:43 pm 08 May 20

I worked in aged care for over 25 years and I never had the flu shot. We were all strongly encouraged to be vaccinated every year to protect our residents. My debate was if all our residents but one or two have been vaccinated then if a staff member contracts the flu then aren’t the residents then protected anyway. And if a resident was to get the flu then would it not be a stain not protected by the vaccine. So even if staff aren’t vaccinated and the residents are then thshould be protected regardless. I’ve never had the flu shot and I’ve never had the flu.

Nienke Haantjens7:42 pm 08 May 20

Fantastic article and very well presented ,thank you Eka. If people who want to be vaccinated, are vaccinated, then they are presumably not at risk from those who choose not to be vaccinated. I think we should be able to choose to be vaccinated or not.

Anthony Long8:21 am 09 May 20

You can choose

However as with all choices you make there are consequences.

Spot on that’s exactly what I think

In my Aged Care Facility, Residents have the choice to be immunized…or not…we workers…”do not”…have that choice. The Residents more often than not, have a variety of diseases, viruses, etc., etc., that they bring with them into the Facility when they arrive. Quite often they have infectious diseases that are no longer treatable. Yes, it’s our choice to work & care for these people…but without Health Care Workers willing to do this…”Who”…would Care for them?
The risk is real to everyone & if you have never worked in Aged Care then you cannot possibly see the big picture & know what we go through every single shift…i have worked for 20 years in the Industry & most of the Public are completely unaware of the ongoing challenges & extremely high work demands, that we are faced with, every single Shift.
I have served in the Military & Police & this is by far, the most challenging Career I have ever had…Our Rights are quite limited indeed…

Clearly its all about her and not the people she is caring for. Time to find another job not in healthcare.

Unusual rational for an evidence informed health professional. Allergy testing could be an option for vaccine decliners but uptake would be small as it would negate many reasons for refusing this evidence based disease management strategy.

There is now DNA testing available for pharmaceutical drugs. I do not know if vaccines can be tested for individual reactions. This is the purpose of DNA testing for drugs.

Ps while it takes a couple of weeks for the immunity to build up, it is then basically 100% effective for 3 months Then it remains quite effective for 6 months, with slowly diminishing effect. Thus one shot early in the season should protect an individual for a full flu season, unless they are travelling around the world.

My opinion is it’s our body and we should NOT be dictated to by an ineffective leader who wants to control us, I for one suffer immune system problems and never had a flu vac, they don’t work, and are full of muck, do some research about the ingredients before you all jump on the fear bandwagon, as the AGENDA is on beginning

Any one has the right to refuse the conditions required for employment, but any employer has the right to enforce those conditions. This is especially true where the person may put others at risk. Its not really about keeping the employee safe, but preventing her giving vulnerable elderly people the flu and thus killing them. Im 68 my wife is 78. We have flu jabs every year and have never had the flu since we began. We have never had the slightest reaction and this year it was so painless that we didn’t even feel the injection. I would not feel safe in the care of a person who had refused vaccination, even if I was inoculated. Ie I would feel they were prepared to put their own beliefs above my safety.
Imo the govt is going in the right direction in mandating vaccination for certain groups of people or restricting their right to do certain things eg no child should be allowed to mix with other children if they are not vaccinated, Paul because it puts others at risk. The exception is where a vaccination would do serious harm to an individual

Trina Dearricott6:55 pm 08 May 20

I caught flu once, and spent the next two weeks in bed with every bone in my body hurting. The only reason I moved from the bed was to have a toilet break, get more water and something to eat. After that,I have had the flu inoculation, and have had no reactions. I had all the childhood injections with no reactions. Both my children had all the required injections – no reactions. My grandchildren have had all of them as well, including TB and others that are required,as my son was working in Hong Kong when they were born – no reactions. When I was young, if a child in the neighborhood had measles, chicken pox etc., my mother would encourage my sister and I to go visit them😄 My mother told me of her aunt nursing a child that was dying of whooping cough, while one of her other children was already dead from whooping cough. At the moment I have aged care assistance, and I would never let anyone near me who has not been fully vaccinated. At my age, I am going to do everything I can to make sure that I live as long as I can. That’s my choice.

Richard Kent Williams6:53 pm 08 May 20

I support Anki 100 % I too had severe side effects from the flu shot and as a result have had to resign from my job in the aged care industry.

Kerry Kreher6:51 pm 08 May 20

Good on her for standing on her digs. Its wrong that we are forced to have a shot that is not always covering the current flu strain anyway. I’ve had the flu shot twice and both times had reactions that made me not want to again. Only because my dad is in a nursing home and i want to see him..freedom of choice?? GONE!!

I had my flu vaccine against my will, but I need a job.it was a hard decision.

I never had a flu vaccine for 10 years . After, having the vaccine I have to absent my self the following day , I was sick. I got rashes ,my shoulder felt heavy.

Rosalie betts5:58 pm 08 May 20

Well done for making a stand. No one should be made to have any medical treatment if it might cause harm. The reaction to the coronavirus is taking away our freedoms.

I am also having the flu injection againts my will as I will not be able to visit my parents in their aged care home. I think this is a knee jerk reaction to covid 19 and the Government is taking a little piece of communist governing dictating what medical procedures my body can have. Having the flu injection protects the person receiving it and should be a personal choice.

I also work in agedcare and will have to make this decision to have it against my will or keep my job.i don’t think it is right that this is forced upon us.

I think the Nurse is correct. I also think the shot is worse than the flu. I’m 70 and have never had a flu shot nor had the flu.

I had it and haven’t had a problem and have spoken to others and no problem but I am not allergic to anything and also no food allergies either ..so I guess that plays a big part in things for some people

Robert Mason2:40 pm 10 May 20

Christine, why do you think that the shot is worse than the Flu when you have had neither of them? Your statement is ridiculous.

No one should be forced in accepting any form of vaccines that are full of deadly chemicals and poisons that wear off and are not effective, where is the freedom. My body is mine and not anybody else’s. Stop forcing and threating the nation. Stop blackmailing people with loss of jobs. You are not in my body to know what is best for me.

Carol Gillen4:34 pm 08 May 20

I also work in Aged Care and since I am the main bread winner in our house, I got the flu vax shot to remain employed. I did not really want to but had no choice. I have never had the shot before and have never had the flu. More civil liberties gone.

Judy Jacques6:26 pm 08 May 20

I think there should be further exception for people with certain health issues linked to vaccination. Health and immunity shouldn’t have to be sacrificed.

No one should be vaccinated against their will. What happened to freedom of choice. Anji has debilitating side effects,from the flu shot.
More importantly people should not turn up for work sick, but they do and they are allowed to work spreading germs and infecting others.

Elizabeth Olsen10:23 am 10 May 20

The aged care facility has rules and she chose not to abide by them. Her choice to walk out. No one forced her.
She has no right to endanger other peoples’ lives.
I have the vaccine every year with no after affects , as do the majority of people.

Christine Phegan4:27 pm 08 May 20

When you take away freedom of choice you cripple the community ,, no different to being a communist..show me the scientific proof vaccines are safe and actually prevent the flu,, this is just a greedy money making venture without any thought of each person’s unique circumstances blackmail at its best,do as I say or your out.if we sit back and let this happen then it WILL get worse

Narelle McIlhagga4:20 pm 08 May 20

I was “stood down” from Aged Care in Bega after giving 14 years of my life to this facility as a Nurse. I to refused the vaccine. Ian going to be 59 this year and has had the flu once in my 20’s after a flu shot. Spent 4 days in bed extremely ill. Never had a flu since or even a cold. But I refused because of what is in the vaccine and the serious effects it has on you. I know it was my choice but the Government is taking our Constitutional rights away from us.

According to the report, approximately 500 people die each year in Australia from flu

– How many people in Australia die on the roads in the same time frame??
– How many people die in the workplace in the same time??

Carolyn Simmons10:27 pm 08 May 20

Over 1,000 people die in traffic accidents in Australia in a typical year. Around 150 people die in a typical year from traumatic injuries at work. This does not include all those who die from illnesses acquired through their work.

Those points are irrelevant. Road and workplace deaths are not contagious.

Lisa Agostinelli6:43 pm 10 May 20

How many of those 500 were vaccinated??

I think that it is dictatorial for the govt to not allow people freedom to make their own decisions about vaccinations, seeing as there are so many people who have suffered strange diseases and even death, after being vaccinated. If people want to be vaccinated, let them…..
As for me I prefer not to play Russian roulette….

Ann-Christin NILSSON3:27 pm 08 May 20

Having the flu vaccine is a very small price to pay so I can visit my mum in an age care facility.

The staff who are looking after your mum, and other people’s parents should not be forced to jeopardise their health.
Also, staff should not feel pushed to work when they are sick

I agree, as we need to look after the elderly

These ant-vax comments are ridiculous. These people are unqualified and misinformed. Toxins? Show me the studies. Your anecdotal evidence is not to be relied upon and will costs people their lives. Stop thinking you know better than someone who has spent their lives working in these important and life saving disciplines. (Watching Youtube doesn’t count as experience)

Amanda cleary9:49 am 09 May 20

I agree Roy. I am sure most of these Vaccination haters just want to stand out from the rest of the herd.maybe they should be herded out to some far off island to live together!

Carol van der Schaar1:33 pm 09 May 20

In the case of this nurse she has had an adverse reaction not once ,but twice and has been medically advised not to have another one.
I am astounded that this nurse who offered a compromise of not working in flu season, still was not allowed to continue to work.
As a former nurse I feel for her and I am disappointed and disgusted with this rigid decision.

Just look at the full packet insert. There are toxins but the tiny amounts are considered safe by government bodies. I am concerned by the potential cumulative effect of mercury and aluminium over many years of flu shots. Any medication that exists can have a detrimental effect in some people and vaccinations are no different. I am a nurse with forty years experience and I keep myself informed.

The residents have the right to refuse the flu vax so the theory of protecting the vulnerable goes straight out the window!

Show me the studies on the long term effects of flu shots. Most studies exclude all but the most robust of individuals look for side effects for a very short time and then declare them safe for everyone who was excluded from the safety studies. Government and those administering them know nothing except what the manufacturers tell them and their legal obligations are to share holders.

No one should be forced to be vaccinated against their will. The flu virus mutates every year so its not going to prevent you getting the flu. It’s a money making racket and major overreach on the part of Government

Ruth Richardson12:39 am 10 May 20

Yes this and MORE

Is it really that bad, don’t you understand that you’re putting people at risk. What if a nurse refused the jab, contracted the flu, gave it to your elderly relative and they died. Honestly, I don’t know why you people have to be so precious. Get over it!!!!

There are studies showing that getting the flu shot make people more susceptible to getting COVID 19.

She got critically ill from it. So have others

This happened to my mother in a nursing home and she died as a consequence.

Also studies shows breathing at times causes death. Believe all the studies you like.

Did you read the article?

What studies?

The basic problem is a good percentage of people do not trust the contents of the vaccines and don’t want it in their system.

After prioritising my health and fitness above all else with nutrition, sleep, exercise both structured and incidental, I choose not to inject my body with the flu vaccine. The cost: not to be able to visit my mother-in-law who resides in the independent side of aged care. Devastated that both her and I find ourselves in this position that neither of us predicted. Even she chose not to vaccinate until very late in life. She is 92 years. I call dictatorship.

Sally-Anne Brown9:25 pm 08 May 20

What an important perspective to share about life and end of life. Condolences to the aged beneficiaries of Anki who now do without her principled care because of reactive generalisations. The sort of stereotyping that diminishes communities is played out here.

You sound so selfish. Glad you’re not my kid.

I feel for everyone affected by this mandatory Flu vaccine
I too am affected and can not visit my father who is 96yrs old at the age care facility
Its a sad sad time when we loose our freedom of choice

Sonia Pennell1:59 pm 08 May 20

It’s been mandatory for years in some Nursing homes in NSW. Also TB & Hep vaccines. Thanks

I agree with Anki completely, I have worked as a physio aide in an aged care facility for 9yrs,I have been bullied into having a flu shot for the first time in my life,told that I would be taken off the floor.My mum was in a facility from aged 60 to 89 and never had one,I visited every week for 29 yrs . I have a strong sense of duty of care, but don’t agree with being made to have any injections against my will. I am 60 yrs of age,live alone with a mortgage and couldn’t afford to walk out.I am a healthy person with a strong immune system,let’s hope I don’t get a bad reaction. Sue

I can not believe this has been made mandatory.
No one in their right mind would work in or visit an aged care facility while knowingly sick with a flu virus! How many elderly will not have family visitors due to this new law. I am shocked.I look after my mum at home but if she had to go into care I would need to visit her. Neither her nor I am having the flu shot! Her choice! We both have had it before. It is most important to have a choice! What happens if the resident refuses to have one? Do they throw them out on the street?

It is good to read an educated, well balanced argument against receiving the flu vaccination. In my clinical practice, the majority of clients tell me that the only time they have had flu/flu like symptoms is after they have had the flu jab that year.
I am not an anti-vaxxer, per se, but the flu jab is one that I will avoid!

leanne coward1:50 pm 08 May 20

If it is mandatory to get these injections then I know i will have a reaction causing weeks of sickness needing to take considerable time of work. I am not allergic to eggs yet will suffer migraines,vomiting, aches and pains, sensitivity to heat and cold, raging temperatures, swelling of my joints, making walking virtually impossible I will be virtually bed ridden for weeks and my autoimmune system is shot. Why are we not covered by Workcover? If my employer insists we have these vaccinations as the law requires. Using sick leave for compulsory vaccinations is wrong when you are left with no leave for normal life sickness. I wonder if someone dies from getting the Flu Vaccination which is compulsory then does Workcover get involved.

Leanne, look up FPIES (egg) – Food Protein Induced Entercolitis Syndrome. If your symptoms occur a few hours after consumption, this could be what you’re suffering from. Usually only found in young children and most grow out of it, but there are cases of adults having FPIES.

That’s exactly what I was wondering. Is work held liable if we were to get seriously ill? Just had the mandatory shot for work and never had it in the past. Otherwise no work.

I had to have vaccine last week as need for aged care also or loose job. I was so sick after having it with all sorts going on in body. I truly am sorry you are experiencing this as we should be able to have a choice anyway.

Disgusting, that a woman that has dedicated her career to the health and safety of the sick and injured, is sidelined out of employment by officials that insist she be injected with a vaccine with questionable efficacy. These “healthcare professionals” and elected officials ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Agreed absolutely. I support her.

Yeah how disgusting is it that someone who cares for people wouldn’t get the injection to help save the people she is caring for

I support her care of herself. If you are sick you are no good to others.

Anna-Rose Smith12:38 pm 08 May 20

I can certainly understand Anki’s concern regarding this issue, one of my daughters does not believe in having
The flu shot either!! ….it does concern me however, in regards to the children being exposed to any viruses?

We are constantly being exposed to viruses and bacterias, that’s how our immune system gets strong. It is a normal part of life.

You cannot agressively force someone to inject something into their body. No! This is against human rights! Every citizen in the world has the human right to say no. However all politians are welcome to have one.

Absolutely. I support her

it is illegal to be forced to have a vacination especailly if it puts your health at risk..BIG PHARMA and BIG BROTHER and our government are scum

Cheryl Yarnold11:56 am 08 May 20

I agree entirely. The flu vaccine is not affective enough to warrant being made mandatory. While I do not have an extreme reaction to the flu vaccine; nonetheless I do get very sick for 3 to 4 weeks after having it. I already have health problems so I really don’t want to do this to myself but my mum is in a nursing home. When restrictions end I will want to see her as soon as possible. I don’t know how I’m going to manage this. It should be a matter of choice, trusting to people’s commonsense which I think has been heightened through all of this.

I have also had my employment terminated as of 1st May as I choose not to vaccinate. I worked for 8 years in an aged care home. I was a Namaste care nurse. I cared for residents at end stage of life. Mostly people with dementia but also cancer,Parkinson’s disease and MS. I would like to aknowledge all those residents that have past away over the years and their families for trusting me to be apart of their lives at the very end. They showed me that everyone has a story,and when we die all we can take with us is love from those around us that care about us. ‘Namaste-to honour the spirit within ‘was part of our mission statement. So that’s what I have done for myself choosing not to vaccinate.

Ruth Richardson12:45 am 10 May 20

Namaste 😉

Sandra Hartley11:41 am 08 May 20

Bodily autonomy is a basic human right… private medical records are also a right in Australia… I feel for all of us affected by these draconian measures, they should be stopped. There should always be freedom of choice, without coercion. Plain common sense dictates that you don’t visit or work with the vulnerable/loved ones when you are unwell.

She has a choice get the shot or leave…simple don’t make it sound like she is being forced…i think the elderly patients being tended by sick nurses would appreciate this move

Femke Koenders11:22 am 08 May 20

I agree with her 100%. Mandating any vaccine is against or right to bodily autonomy.

It looks like Anki has a reasonable case to refuse a flu injection. We should not forget that immunisation has saved so many people from awful diseases. My mother told me how awful it was to hear children struggling to breathe and dying from whooping cough. Diphtheria, tetanus, polio,measles, mumps and rubella have all been controlled by widespread vaccination. Just like the Corona virus, a healthy community needs most people to cooperate.

Best response I’ve read so far. I’m old enough to remember kids getting polio, whooping cough,and tetanus Many died, while others were crippled for life. As kids we got vaccinated from the mid 50s with huge needles and considerable pain, but parents, and mothers especially, embraced it. My wife and her sisters, who are 10 to 15 years older than me, were all made infertile by measles before vaccinations were available.
Some people seem to want to go back to those dark ages.

Hi Allen. I have to agree immunisation works as it has a high effectivity to the disease it is aimed at. All forms of Corona Virus are tricky though as they mutate constantly. I am imunised against Polio for instance but I don’t receive a Polio vaccination every year. If I was asked to take another Polio treatment I would say ‘No.Cheers.

Well said Allen if only more people would see that vaccination have saved so many peoples lives. Maybe when they get sick they will realise that that small injection could have saved their lives. I don’t think it’s the vaccination I think people just don’t like needles. 5 seconds of discomfort is worth my life.
Cheers Lesley

End medical authoritarianism before it destroys all freedoms.

I too did not want the flu shot. I worked in aged care for more then 25 years. Not once did I get the flu A or B strain. 25 years or more with out having a flu shot. The government now own’s my Body.

Elizabeth Andalis9:53 am 08 May 20

Everybody has the right to choose, without consequences like these.
I would do the same, for similar reasons.

I work in aged care i have never had a flu shot in nearly 50 years i had it so i could keep my job 😡😡😡😡

I applaud your courage to maintain your bodily autonomy. I’m sorry you lost you job over it, it’s unacceptable. No person should ever receive medical treatment against their will and certainly not through coercion or ultimatum. All the best to you.

I also worked in aged care, and also got told that if I didn’t get the flu shot I wouldn’t be getting any more shifts. That sounds like a threat to me and I’m not being threatened and forced to do something I don’t want to do. I also walked out.

Is it really that bad, or are you just one of those stubborn people who won’t be told. What if you contracted the flu, gave it to a patient and they died, how would you feel then. Or what if you were in an accident and you needed a blood transfusion or you would die. I bet that would be a different story.

Exactly! The people saying i shouldn’t be forced to have one, aren’t thinking that they are in contact with people with compromised immune systems everyday. You not getting the vaccine could potentially be fatal to loads of other people. It’s too protect these vulnerable people! Grr

Ruth Richardson12:44 am 10 May 20

Good on you !

Vaccines should never be mandatory. Everyone should have the right to choose what they inject into their body. And with vaccines you don’t know what you inject into your body. Ask your doctor to provide you with a list of ingredients and they will not give it to you. With every other medication you get an insert with the Ingredients and side effects, but not with vaccines.

Susan lindberg8:10 am 08 May 20

A kid I’m sorry to hear such a passionate and dedicated worker has left the industry. This vaccine requirement for worker and visitors alike is taking the Governments control and agenda too far, there are other ways to keep flu at bay other than the shot, which can affect people’s well being. The flu shot is full of toxins which for some people can be detrimental to their health.
I truly believe taking a vaccine should be everyone’s choice without penalties, segregation or dis rumination for not doing so.

I’m sorry for you losing your job but proud of you for looking after your health and staying true to you.

The Government is bullying people including the NRL to comply to a medical procedure they don’t wanna do.

Lesleigh Hall7:42 am 08 May 20

I had the flu vaccination 2 years in a row when I had my elderly mother living with me. I then proceeded to have the “flu” right through winter, both times. I would come down with it, be bedridden for a week, take 2 weeks to get over it, have a few weeks break, get sick again over and over. Never again.

Anna-Rose Smith12:47 pm 08 May 20

That is certainly a shocking outcome for you Lesleigh…I would assume then that it was a result of the flu shot, and not a coincidence?

I have a similar situation when we were encouraged to get it at work. I had previously noticed though a lot of people in my office off sick after their shot. I thought they were putting it on for time off. I got a bad flu after the 3rd year and ended up with phenomia. I was in my 50s then. Prior to that I’d only ever had what I think was flu once in my late teens. I’d worked as a driving instructor for 5 years prior, enclosed in cars with people coughing and sneezing. I never caught anything. Anyway, I haven’t had a shot since nor have I had flu. I’m now in my mid 60s and now working in a hospital as a cleaner. I guess those days are numbered because even though I’m fit and can do the job perfectly well I won’t be having a flu shot. By the way, I had hepatitis shots when I started at the hospital. It turns out, I’m a “non responder” I did a second lot, same result. They suggested I have a third lot but I declined and just signed a waiver that I understood I had no immunity. So far, so good.

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