Sponsored content policy

About Regional is a trusted and independent source of news and commentary on life in the towns and villages within a three hour radius of Canberra.

Our readers do not pay for our content, and we do not have any pay-walls, such as membership fees, that restrict visitors’ access to the information we provide.

As you can imagine, researching, writing, editing and posting all of this content requires significant time, effort and dedication from About Regional team. And while we would all love to work for free, that would be unreasonable and impossible.

To support our efforts, we allow businesses to advertise with About Regional, communicating with our readers via banner ads and sponsored content.

We believe this is the best way to cover costs, as we are supporting the marketing efforts of businesses within our local community, and also allowing our readers to learn more about the products and services these businesses have to offer.

Every advertorial is referenced as sponsored content, and we take great care to construct our articles in an unbiased and truthful manner, while providing helpful and useful information to our readers.

If you have any concerns about this policy, please contact us – [email protected]