Arts & Culture
30 Jul 2016
“I think this is still a road,” Pete ponders as our 4WD tips forward almost perpendicular to the drainage ditch below. He was a child when the road was pushed through the Tantawangalo forest on the western side of the Bega Valley in NSW. He remembers it as a desecration. Yet here we are in our beast of a car, enjoying...
25 Jul 2016
About Regional is taking a step forward, much sooner than I had anticipated. I’ve got that funny sick/excited feeling, but am pushing through it. I am very proud to announce a partnership with 'Raisin – Regional Science and Innovation.' Raisin is the baby of Candelo’s Kate Burke, yes singer and instrumentalist Kate Burke. Who knew a heart for science was keeping...
7 Jun 2016
The sea-foam that has enveloped the New South Wales coastline these past few days can seem irresistible. Running through it you wish for some sort of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" moment, hoping to discover that the ocean has churned itself into marshmallow. Laughing and carrying on with the kids and dog, you soon find yourself in the middle of...
24 Apr 2016
The challenges around the flying-fox camp at Batemans Bay continue to deepen with Eurobodalla Shire Council accepting the problem has grown too big and residents increasingly distressed. Calls for a dispersal program to break up the camp and move the protected species on have reached State and Federal Parliament with the Environment Minister at both levels consulted. The scientist and...