Bega local one of 72 arrested during Brisbane climate protests this week

Elka Wood 9 August 2019
Hannah Doole is arrested in Brisbane on Tuesday. Photo: Supplied.

Hannah Doole is arrested in Brisbane on Tuesday. Photo: Supplied.

“Civil disobedience is where things change,” says 19-year-old Hannah Doole from a Burly Heads beach, where she is recovering from a night in a Brisbane watchhouse on Tuesday. “If you look at history, nothing has happened until people have put themselves on the line. If it wasn’t for civil disobedience, women probably still wouldn’t be able to vote.”

Hannah, a native of Doctor George, east of Bega, was one of 72 climate change protestors associated with the Extinction Rebellion movement arrested in Brisbane this week. She was charged with obstructing traffic.

“I was only charged with one offence, which I was pretty happy about as some people were charged with three or four.”

Hannah, along with 20 other protesters out of the 72, refused bail and pled guilty in order to expedite going before the magistrate, taking their chances with a night behind bars.

“The food was a real lucky dip, they were pretty overwhelmed with having 72 of us,” she laughs “but I was one of the lucky ones and got to eat quinoa and chickpeas, it was pretty good.”

Hannah appeared in the Roma Street Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday and was fined $300.

Hannah was one of 72 climate change protesters arrested in Brisbane. Photo: ABC News Dan Smith

Hannah was one of 72 climate change protesters arrested in Brisbane. Photo: ABC News Dan Smith

It’s hard to argue against the social advances driven by civil disobedience throughout history, but Hannah says protesters like herself are still thought of as ‘feral’ and are dehumanized by the media and mainstream society.

“It does get under my skin sometimes,” she reflects “I’m dedicating my life to this at the moment, I don’t see anything more important than taking action on climate change, we’d be mad not to do anything.”

Without some major and rapid changes to the way we live, Hannah sees the future as a world full of struggling climate refugees, where resources are thin.

“We’ve known about climate change since the 1950’s and we haven’t done much at all. The future, even the immediate future, looks pretty nasty if we don’t change now.”

It was a desire to stop the Adani mine, approved in June this year, which brought Hannah to Queensland in 2018 and she’s still passionate about making a public statement that the mine is environmentally destructive and at odds with her goal for a fossil-fuel-free future.

Hannah spent eight hours suspended over a train line on a tripod near the town of Bowen protesting against the Adani Mine. Photo: Supplied.

Hannah spent eight hours suspended over a train line on a tripod near the town of Bowen protesting against the Adani Mine. Photo: Supplied.

Late last year, supported by the movement Frontline Action On Coal, she spent eight hours suspended over a train line on a tripod near the town of Bowen, in a bid to hold up Adani’s progress.

Hannah and three other protestors are currently being sued for $75,000 each for their actions on that day.

“Short of bankruptcy, there’s nothing much they can do to us, obviously, I don’t have $75,000. We were lucky enough to get a pro-bono lawyer so we are continuing the back and forth of paperwork.”

Despite its recent approval, the Adani mine is still one of the “huge symbolic actions,” nationally where people are needed on the ground, Hannah says.

While many 19-year-olds in Australia are working in retail or hospitality, Hannah loves her volunteer work as a key organizer with Extinction Rebellion and the Frontline Action On Coal movement.

“Extinction Rebellion have been upping their momentum over the last few months and we’ve got a big international day of action planned on October 7th,” she explains “and at the same time, Frontline Action On Coal has put out a red alert because Adani has started clearing at the mine site, so I’ll go up to give them a hand. ”

“Although three-quarters of Australians say they believe climate change is a catastrophic problem, most of us are not doing anything to address our fears,” Hannah says.

“We need massive action, mobilize your community and get active.”

“More than the dehumanizing, the thing that really gets under my skin is the people who say they believe that climate change is an immediate and pressing problem but don’t do anything.”

Hannah adds that civil disobedience doesn’t create tension, rather it brings tension that is already there to the forefront.

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132 Responses to Bega local one of 72 arrested during Brisbane climate protests this week

Geoff Berry 2:14 pm 10 Oct 19

Well done Hannah and friends, we all need to demand action on climate from our political leaders in every way we can!

Anthony Criticos 11:06 am 21 Aug 19

All strength to Hannah and the Extinction Rebellion. "Polite protest" is not going to shift vested interests pursuing profits for as long as they can so action such as this is necessary to highlight what is at stake.

Pip Cullen 8:32 pm 15 Aug 19

Great action and well said... brave, bold , intelligent Hannah ...huge appreciation and big hugs... xox

Cath Turville 10:33 pm 11 Aug 19

GO HANNAH!!! The time is nigh people, all over the land. It's time to take a stand! Enough is enough - they will continue to exploit our earth until we front up and SAY NO MORE! Come to meetings. Get involved. Bring your children! We must all fight to save our planet!!!

Heather Black Heather Black 8:06 pm 11 Aug 19

you speak for many of us Hannah, thankyou..xx

Nienke Haantjens 11:23 am 10 Aug 19

interesting anf opertinaent article, thanks Elka

Els Paijmans 8:24 am 10 Aug 19

Great work Hannah and to all those fighting to protect the planet.

Jo Dodds Jo Dodds 7:52 am 10 Aug 19

Thank you Hannah, for your courage and your energy and commitment. You are building a better world and I am deeply grateful to you and all the other young activists (& the oldies!) for the sacrifices you make to do what must be done. ❤️💕🙏🏼

Anne Ham Anne Ham 10:58 pm 09 Aug 19

Thank you dear Hannah,all strength to you!

Simon E Szanto Simon E Szanto 10:09 pm 09 Aug 19

Great job Hannah. Keep fighting the good fight.

Carmen Risby Carmen Risby 10:08 pm 09 Aug 19

Thank you Hannah for being our voice. Thank you for your research, your knowledge, your courage and your strength. All of the great changes in our country came about because of brave young hero’s like you. Never let them wear you down. You are our future ♥️

Dörte Planert Dörte Planert 6:05 pm 09 Aug 19

Our hero

Buddy Kruger Buddy Kruger 5:34 pm 09 Aug 19

Thank you Hannah 🙂

Craig Vipond Craig Vipond 3:14 pm 09 Aug 19

Good. What did they expect and cut lunch

Bernie Richards Bernie Richards 1:53 pm 09 Aug 19

Thank you Hannah for bringing attention to the fact that we ALL need to do something to stop climate change. I wish more people (both young and old) would choose to act on issues of concern. CIvil disobedience appears to be necessary in this case because the government doesn't appear to be listening and we all need #ClimateActionNOW.

    Bernie Richards Bernie Richards 1:55 pm 09 Aug 19

    Peter Bond Excellent argument there, mate. I believe scientists and the evidence I see before my eyes

Mandy Jackson Mandy Jackson 1:27 pm 09 Aug 19

We teach our children about the importance of protecting our world and eco systems from destruction from a very young age and then we turn around and condemn them when they stand up and try to do just that ... good on you Hannah - don't stop until the selective deafness in parliment and elsewhere stops 👍

Keith Dance Keith Dance 1:08 pm 09 Aug 19

bet she did not walk there

Robyn Calhoun Robyn Calhoun 12:24 pm 09 Aug 19

I'm now camping at Bucca, a fairly remote town in Q'ld. The publican said they are about to buy in water. It's bone dry here.

    Kerryn Wood Kerryn Wood 1:59 pm 09 Aug 19

    there's people locally already buying in water, or who about to resort to that. :(

    Robyn Calhoun Robyn Calhoun 2:03 pm 09 Aug 19

    Kerryn Wood oh I can well believe that

Amanda Moss Amanda Moss 11:44 am 09 Aug 19

We have to do this , the people , and stop giving our power away to politicians , or nothing will change.

Julie Aquamarini Julie Aquamarini 10:49 am 09 Aug 19

Thank you Hannah and Co for fighting the good fight. Its so frustrating that civil disobedience for environmental protection is necessary; if governments (and industries, and those who are resistant to/fearful of necessary change) listened to and acted on the science (or even just looked around - don't have to be an "expert" to see plastic-choked oceans, degraded land from over-clearing and soil erosion, polluted waterways, extreme weather events, etc) then these sort of actions wouldn't be happening. Expect to see more...