About Genevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs has been a journalist for 30 years, working in print and radio. Her career began with rural newspapers on the South West Slopes, she has freelanced for national magazines and spent a decade with ABC Radio Canberra.

She works with a wide range of organisations including the Tara Costigan Foundation, and Gift of Life ACT, sits on the ACT’s advisory committee for Historic Places and the boards of the National Folk Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, M16 artspace and the Conflict Resolution Service.

Genevieve has an enduring interest in building community, and creating discussions that include us all. And she still loves nothing better than a good yarn.

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Pru Goward quits politics: could Goulburn change hands?
Longstanding politician and Member for Goulburn Pru Goward has announced she will not seek -re-election for the NSW Parliament next year. In an emotional statement Ms Goward, who was pre-selected just a few weeks ago, cited family reasons and her husband's serious illness for her decision. While Goulburn has been traditionally fairly safe for conservatives, observers say that her departure...
Love, desire, sex and death at the National Gallery
Arts & Culture
Osher Günsberg has seen enough high-pitched hyper romance to recognise its allure, even when the imagery is 150 years old. Standing in front of The Lady of Shalott, a painting literally drowning in passion, death and sex at the National Gallery's Love and Desire exhibition, the Bachelor host instantly clocks the intensity. "The body language of the people depicted, the...
“Canberra bubble” an irritating word of the year for ACT
If you're an ordinary Canberra citizen, paying your taxes and going about your (possibly private sector) business, you might justifiably be a bit narked by the ANU Dictionary Centre's word of the year. It's "Canberra Bubble", a phrase thrown around with enthusiasm by politicians who are eager to win votes back home by signalling that they're straightforward decent people, not...
Feeling good about sustainable hemp clothing from Michelago!
It's a gentle summer afternoon and beneath the dappled light of tall trees, an old blue touring caravan is parked. It's the home of Spirit Natural clothing, the brainchild of a budding entrepreneur whose vision for a gentler, more sustainable world is underpinned by some hard-headed research into how to make it happen. Tom Osborne from Michelago may look like...
Liberal faithful gather to laud Howard legacy at MoAD
Arts & Culture
Not only lauded as a hero for modern Liberals, it seems that John Howard is also a true believer, at least to the extent that he and Scott Morrison both think that the government will win the next Federal election. It was very much an event for true believers of all kinds this week as the Howard Library at the...
Recasting Captain Cook: the Library takes a First Nations view
Arts & Culture
Australia is filled with reminders of Captain James Cook and his voyages. But when Alberta Hornsby gazes at a map of the Endeavour River in Far North Queensland, or a long list of names and words, the Guugu Yimithirr elder hears voices murmuring in her own tongue, sees other faces than that of the famed navigator. She sees her own people....
Why can’t the government sort out ED waiting times?
Despite years of effort directed at trying to solve the problem, Emergency Department waiting times in Canberra remain the worst in the country, according to the latest figures. Elective surgery waiting lists are also poor on a national basis, with many patients waiting more than a year. According to the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, 72 per cent of...
Queanbeyan Liberal says the party’s mess is a boil that must be lanced
Queanbeyan Liberal Party MLC Peter Phelps says that "absolutely nothing" will save the government as the Federal party spirals into freefall, but an early election is vital to rescue the NSW government's chances in the forthcoming election. And the conservative State parliamentarian, who lost his own pre-selection for the NSW Upper House recently, says he is "utterly unsympathetic" to Liberal...
Monaro has massive potential for renewable hydro energy
One of Australia's leading renewable energy experts says the Monaro region's pumped hydro potential could help to establish base-load power for a wholly renewable energy system within the next decade. Professor Andrew Blakers, director of the ANU's Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, believes that in addition to Snowy Hydro 2, there are "plenty of other opportunities" for pumped hydro in the...
It’s raining! Is the drought over?
It's cold and the rain is falling steadily. As a brutal drought grips much of eastern Australia, is this good news? Is the drought finally breaking? Unfortunately, no. Professor Janette Lindesay from the ANU's Fenner School of the Environment is one of Australia's most distinguished climatologists. She says that while steady soaking rain is welcome, the long-term outlook for most...
Government promises a digital revolution (if you can get online….)
The government's bold new vision for the future includes a digital ID profile that promises to end Centrelink queues or endless waiting on the phone. But woe betide you if your internet access isn't up to scratch for these major life transactions, as it is for many in Tuggeranong and rural areas surrounding the ACT. Speaking at the National Press...
How about a hotel among the gum trees at the National Arboretum?
A new hotel, cabins among the trees and 50 newly planted zig-zag gardens in the central valley of the National Arboretum are all coming closer as the site grows faster than a rogue willow tree. And that means that what began as a patchwork of forests is rapidly changing shape as it expands commercially. The hotel idea isn't a new...
Confusion reigns over My Health: what do you need to know?
Health & Wellbeing
There's been yet another last-minute change in the timeline for opting out of the My Health record, but it seems that many Canberrans and regional residents are still pretty confused about what they need to do and why. You now have until January 31 to decide whether you want to to have a My Health record. Designed to enable ease of...
Is Halloween only about the marketing?
If you're doorstepped by a horde of pint-sized ghouls, ghosts and monsters on Wednesday night, will you be handing out the lollies or slamming the door? Local reaction to the ancient Celtic feast of Halloween is probably best judged by the fact that most "official" celebrations, from Boogong at Googong to  Mooseheads' Decade of Death happened last weekend rather than on...
Would you eat a Canberra kangaroo?
Culling the ACT's kangaroos has caused plenty of angst over the years. But should we eat the urban roos instead of dumping them? Professor George Wilson from the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the ANU says that an improved Australian kangaroo meat industry would have benefits for animal welfare and the environment both locally and around Australia. Professor...
Better transport links key in ACT – NSW cross border economy
According to those driving regional collaboration, Canberra could be an integral part of the future of the agricultural economy in southern NSW. But will the Berejiklian Government come to the party? The ACT Government has just signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Canberra Region Joint Organisation, incorporating south-eastern local government areas. There were celebrations at the signing around the...