About Elka Wood

Elka Wood is a freelance writer, parent to two young kids and has a deep love for her home community of the Bega Valley.

Circumstances dictate that Elka and her family move between the US and Australia and she rediscovered a childhood love of writing and storytelling working as a reporter at a small newspaper in Montana, her husband's home state.

In between writing jobs, Elka has worked in the non-profit sector, as a caterer and as a fisheries technician, taking DNA samples from trout in a freezing stream in the middle of the night.

During long winters in Montana, she blogs at Aussiemerica.com.

Elka loves meeting new people and believes in the commonality of the human experience - and that everyone has a story to tell.

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Pambula sea urchin business taking local reefs from barren to balanced
It’s a local seafood trader that’s been hidden in plain sight since 2005. Pambula business South Coast Sea Urchins processes 35-60 tonnes of sea urchin roe in its factory each year and yet few people know that it’s there, or have tasted the bright orange-yellow roe. “We did a big recruitment a few months ago for our seasonal staff and...
From Australian rituals to Australian birds, Matt Chun invites you to take a second look
Arts & Culture
Bermagui-based artist Matt Chun is drawing an oversized cassowary made up of hundreds of tiny white lines and dots on the front window of Candelo Books in Bega. In between strokes of the pen, he is carefully erasing his own fingerprints from the glass - the finished picture is a result of his self-described perfectionism. Chun is drawing on bookshop...