Individual & Family Memberships

Individual and family membership is $10 a month or $100 for the year. Selecting ‘annual membership’ saves you $20 a year.

Individual and family members receive:

  • A FREE double pass to the TEDx style – ‘About Regional Festival of Open Minds’
  • An opportunity to host the About Regional newsroom and pop-up studio at your home or community centre
  • Member’s bumper sticker
  • Participation in online forums and surveys
  • Entry into regular competitions featuring quality local prizes
  • Recognition on About Regional platforms and content
  • A members-only email newsletter

But primarily, all members become part of the About Regional community, with a real role to play in empowering and encouraging that community and local conversation.

How is your money spent?

It goes three ways:

  • Your membership recognises the energy, insight, and smarts I invest in the generation and publication of local stories and supports the growth of a new, innovative local news, media, and communication service.
  • Your membership invests in other local creatives, people who want to make and share content through About Regional. Members (you!) will help identify an issue that needs attention, and I will use the funds collected to commission original local content that explores the questions raised in a dynamic way.
  • Your membership will also help build the TEDx style – ‘About Regional Festival of Open Minds’. Members (you again!) will help identify big thinkers and challenging speakers; the funds collected will be used to bring those people to the region for a series of events that inspire conversation and new ideas.

Being something new, there will be some fine tuning along the way, your input and ideas will be an important part of that.

Thank you!